Impact Awards 2018

North East Times’ Impact Awards will celebrate those individuals based in the region who have made a significant mark on the North East this year.

Five categories (finance, global, regional, profile and innovation) have been specially chosen to acknowledge those who have made an impression in a variety of ways.

To nominate an individual, please fill out the relevant form below, before October 10, 2018.





The five Impact Award winners will be invited to take part in an exclusive interview and photoshoot that will appear in North East Times’ December 2018 issue and shared across our digital channels.

North East Times will also be holding an exclusive event in December 2018, where all five winners will receive trophies and the Outstanding Impact Award winner will be revealed.

Terms and conditions:

People are asked to nominate individuals (NOT companies or organisations)

Individuals can be nominated for multiple categories but separate forms must be filled out.

Individuals can be self nominated.

Information provided may be verified by a third party.

The deadline for all nominations is October 10, 2018.

A judging panel will decide who has made the biggest mark in the categories, while also choosing one overall winner.

Winners will be informed by late October and MUST be available to attend a photo shoot at Mayfield Studio in Newcastle on November 5 (10am-2pm).

The categories…

Finance Award: This award will recognise an individual who has led a company or organisation to financial success over the past 12 months*. As well as the relevant statistical information (profit and turnover), we will be asking how these financial results have been achieved and key decisions made.

*or previous Financial Year.

Global Award: This award will honour someone who has made a significant impact internationally over the past 12 months. We will be asking about their company/organisation’s global footprint, how this has developed over 2018 and how this has been achieved.

Regional Award: This award will be given to an individual who is deemed to have made the greatest impact on the North East. This may be by job creation or economic investment, or someone who has – or has led a company – that has impacted the quality of life of those living in the local community in a significant way.

Profile Award: This award will recognise a person who has used their profile to promote the North East or has helped to foster debate on key issues affecting the region.

Innovation Award: This award will be given to an individual who can demonstrate the use of exceptional innovation in 2018. We will be looking at the inventiveness of their ideas, their use of technology and the impact – or potential impact – of their product or service.

Outstanding Impact Award: The judging panel will select one category winner for the Outstanding Impact Award. Winners will not know who has won this accolade until the awards event, where their image will be revealed on the cover of the December 2018 issue of North East Times.