Issue 421
On topic: Northumberland

In this issue, North East Times has produced a specialist supplement focusing on Northumberland promoting what the region can offer, as many businesses and development agencies regionally, nationally and internationally remain unaware of the opportunities. We look at offshore wind and energy, health and life sciences, advanced manufacturing, tourism and the international recognition as a tourism attraction, the creative industries and agri-tech and rural scale up.

Issue 421
September 2019

Our cover story investigates why, despite seven of England’s squad at this year’s Women’s World Cup hailing from the North East, there is a current lack of commitment for women’s football in the region. Hopefully, the recognition of Steph Houghton et al in France this year will help revive support, from grassroots to professional level, and the future generation of female footie stars will comprise a strong North East showing.

Issue 420
On topic: Healthcare & life sciences

In this issue, North East Times has produced a specialist supplement focusing on the region’s thriving life sciences and healthcare sectors. We look at the world-class organisations and businesses, based in the North East, which are pioneering new technologies and innovative ideas. We also examine the unique environment to develop the skills, physical assets, technical capabilities and networks that are contributing to life-changing products and health initiatives.

Issue 420
July/August 2019

Our cover story is someone who personifies this journey. Former North East Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Fiona Cruickshank has carved out an incredible career as a pharmacist, business owner, angel investor and philanthropist. But, as you can read in this issue, she’s never had a grand plan, instead preferring to “bimble along.” Other interviews include Andrew Haigh, chief executive of Newcastle Building Society, who tells us how the mutual is looking to appeal to everyone by combining digital innovation with new branch openings.

Issue 419
June 2019

This month, we look at how the North East makes connections –whether physically, digitally, politically or economically. We have spoken to transport and infrastructure experts and those involved in initiatives to drive better digital connectivity in our region, as well as asking how North East businesses link with each other, with customers, with education and with other public sector organisations. Our cover this month is Jamie Driscoll, the new North of Tyne Mayor who was elected on May 2. We ask the Labour mayor about some of his policies and how he plans to connect with the region’s business community.

Issue 418
May 2019

This month, we look at the advanced manufacturing and engineering sector. As a region, we have a strong manufacturing heritage. We led the world in previous industrial revolutions and with what I’ve learnt from the experts who have contributed to this issue, it’s clear that –with the right combination of businesses, skills and infrastructure in place – we have the potential to be at the forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution too.

Issue 417
April 2019

Our popular Tech Issue returns for its fourth year to again celebrate the strengths of our tech and digital sector. Inside you’ll find profiles and advice from some of the most influential and promising tech talent based in the North East. Among them is Professor Sue Black who credits technology and education as transforming her and her three children’s lives. Meanwhile, our cover star is Bruce Daisley – the lead of Twitter across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Ok, so he’s not from the region or based here, but we couldn’t resist catching up with the tech influencer when he travelled to Newcastle last month to speak at local schools and the Dynamo Annual Dinner.

Issue 3
Newcastle Startup Week

Newcastle Startup Week is an annual five-day (and night) festival that takes place in multiple venues across Newcastle and Gateshead in May. Each day has a different theme covering ‘Inspiration’, ‘Getting Started’, ‘Funding & Finance’, ‘Scaleup’ and ‘Keep Going or Pivot?’ By bringing all the best help and advice in one place, research shows we’re inspiring, motivating, encouraging and supporting more people to start or grow their business in the North East. Our 2017 and 2018 events both attracted more than 600 delegates from across the UK, Europe, USA and Asia and this year we’re on target to make our third event on May 13-17 even bigger.

Issue 2

Hotspot – showcasing all the region has to offer across sectors including: shared service centres, advanced manufacturing and automotive, government, cyber security and finance & higher education

Issue 416
March 2019

This issue was supposed to be our Brexit Issue, providing the chance for our writers and advertisers to reflect on the withdrawal agreement the UK had secured before leaving the EU on the 29th of the month. But with negotiations in chaos and political infighting rife, garnering opinion and predictions about what’s going to happen this month and beyond have been near impossible – hence our refocus to the International Issue.

Issue 415
February 2019

Our February edition addresses some of the issues around the much-debated subject of skills.
Our cover story is the celebrated learning and education visionary – Professor Sugata Mitra – who won the $1 million TED Prize in 2013 for his Hole-in-the-Wall experiment.
Speaking to North East Times from his Indian base, the professor of education technology at Newcastle University, reveals how he has used his prize money to deliver supported self-organised learning environments around the world via his School in the Cloud.

Issue 414
January 2019

For the first issue of 2019, North East Times takes a look at the professional services sector. We’ve spoken to some of the key figures and firms operating in the region, and look at the impact they are making regionally, nationally and internationally. Our cover story is Tim Bailey, founder of Xsite Architecture and chairman of RIBA North East. He speaks to North East Times about his doorstep architecture ethos and why he believes the challenges facing the region’s professionals are best addressed via its professional body.

Issue 413
December 2018

Despite the volatility of recent weeks, there have been high points for regional businesses in 2018 and North East Times has decided to celebrate some of these with its first Impact Awards. Thank you to everyone who made nominations and congratulations to our winners: Lesley Spuhler, Steve Parkin, Jim Mawdsley, John Savage and Neil Herron. Extra applause also goes to Lesley, who takes our Outstanding Impact Award 2018.

Issue 412
November 2018

Now in its second year, this issue looks at the individuals and organisations that are making waves in the industry regionally, nationally, and internationally.
This year, we’ve focused on those who are thinking ‘outside the box’ when it comes to architecture, design and construction.
Our cover star, designer Wayne Hemingway, reflects on the reasons for choosing Gateshead as the location for his innovative Staiths South Bank development, and reveals how it looked to reimaging residential living.

Issue 411
October 2018

North East Times returns with its third Women’s Issue. Since our second issue, a lot has happened. Social media campaigns such as #TimesUp and #MeToo have gone viral and helped spark debate around attitudes to gender in society. I hope that this debate continues and real change can be achieved.
This issue again celebrates just some of the amazing women who are achieving great things in our region – spanning all levels and sectors. I’d like to thank Arwen Duddington, COO at ZeroLight, Estelle Blanks executive director at Innovation SuperNetwork and Joanna Feeley, founder of Trend Bible, for telling their inspiring stories, as well as the countless other women – and men – who have contributed to this issue.

Issue 410
September 2018

This month, North East Times brings you our second Sports Issue. As well as showcasing well-known sporting personalities with links to the region, we look at the sector’s commercialisation and the significance to the North East. Our cover star this month is director of rugby, Dean Richards, who has led Newcastle Falcons to its best season in two decades – a top four finish in the Aviva Premiership. He reflects on the recent accomplishments at the club and why he and his players are hungry for more.

Issue 409
July/August 2018

Our third Money Issue returns this summer and highlights the wealth journey of making and growing and, hopefully, sharing money. We again feature on the cover a business person who personifies this wealth journey. Andy Preston made his millions as a stock broker and hedge fund manager in the City before returning to his hometown of Teesside, where he has set up several charities to help local poverty and homelessness.

Issue 408
June 2018

This month, we wanted to tell the truly inspirational stories of some of the people who have achieved amazing things in our region – overcoming major challenges to do so. Sir John Hall exceeded the expectations of a miner’s son to become a millionaire property developer. He has made an indelible mark on the North East – with the MetroCentre, Wynyard Estate and his ownership of Newcastle United – as well as being a vocal advocate for the region on a national level.

Issue 407
May 2018

This month we look at the impact the North East is making on the rest of the world. Our region is the only one in the UK with a positive trade balance – we export more than we import – and this edition is packed with some of the fantastic and varied North East-based companies that are contributing to this distinguished fact – not least our cover star, Eldon Robson, who has taken his great-grandfather’s local botanical brewing business to success on the world stage.

Issue 1
Newcastle Startup Week

Newcastle Startup Week festival is designed to inspire and encourage more local people to start and grow their own businesses and attract others from outside the region who might like to relocate, invest or do business here.

Issue 2
Newcastle Startup Week

Newcastle Startup Week is a 5-day festival designed to inspire and support more people to start or grow their business in the North East of England. From the world’s first lightbulb to business software and smart data, the ‘test bed city’ of Newcastle upon Tyne has been inventing the future for hundreds of years.

Issue 406
April 2018

Our popular Tech Issue returns for its third year and again celebrates the strength and depth of the North East’s tech and digital sector. Our cover star is one of the region’s most prominent tech figures. Paul Smith co-founded the Ignite accelerator programme in 2011 before relocating to the UAE to set up a similar initiative and joining Hyperloop One, Elon Musk’s project that is promising to revolutionise commuter travel around the world.

Issue 405
March 2018

In our March issue, we look at the ways companies, organisations, individuals and even regions can create a strong identity and the benefits that brings. Our cover story is the man who has built a multi-million pound business by combining his passions of Reggae music and Caribbean sauces – with just a little help from some Dragons.

Issue 404
February 2018

When asked what the best thing about the North East is, the answer you’ll almost always hear is… the people. We are renowned across the world for our friendly, can-do attitude and in this issue, we want to celebrate the GREAT people of the North East. Our cover star this month is Sir Gary Verity, chairman of the Great Exhibition of the North. We ask him why people should get behind the major event.

Issue 1

Hotspot – showcasing all the region has to offer across sectors including: shared service centres, advanced manufacturing and automotive, government, cyber security and finance & higher education

Issue 403
January 2018

For the first issue of 2018, we take a look at the professional services sector. We’ve spoken to some of the key personnel and brands operating in the region and looked at the impact local firms are making regionally, nationally and internationally.
Our cover story reflects one of the biggest North East legal stories from last year – the combination of Womble Carlyle and Bond Dickinson into Womble Bond Dickinson. Betty Temple, CEO and chair, reflects on how the new transatlantic firm is set to benefit clients and employees alike.

Issue 402
December 2017

Review of 2017 – Over a year after the EU referendum result, we’re barely any further forward – apart from having triggered Article 50. With the clock now ticking, it’s crucial that 2018 brings the answers we crave. But despite ongoing uncertainty, there has been successes in the region. We highlight and celebrate this success in the December Issue.

Issue 401
November 2017

This month, we present our Building the Future issue, which focuses on the built environment.
We’re very excited to present the Amazing George Clarke as our cover star this month. He talks to North East Times about growing up in Washington, combining his presenting career with that of his architectural practice and his MOBIE project, which is aiming to bring about innovation to the house building industry.

Issue 400
October 2017 Issue

This October, North East Times’ popular Women’s Issue will return for a second year. We will again be highlighting some of the most successful and up-coming female business leaders and influencers operating in the region today, as well as investigating issues around diversity and equality.

Issue 399
September 2017

This month, we are focusing on the business of sport. We look at the significance of sport in our region, its commercialisation, education and economic impact, as well as the ways organisations have embraced physical activities for the benefit of staff and productivity.
Our cover star this month is Newcastle United manager Rafa Benitez who reveals why a connected club and community will create benefits on and off the pitch.

Issue 398
July/August 2017

Our summer issue returns this year addressing the process of making, growing and sharing money. We bring you the latest thinking behind wealth accumulation and what to do with it when you have it – and reflect on the factors impacting on global wealth, from political uncertainty to financial rules and regulations. Our cover story this month features Jonathan Ruffer, a man who personifies making, growing and sharing money.

Issue 397
June 2017

This issue focuses on the good, the bad and the ugly of leadership. We’ve spoken to some of the most successful and promising figureheads of the North East business community to find out what makes them tick, and the leaders who inspire them.
Our cover story is Ben Houchen who, as the Tees Valley’s first elected mayor, now holds a unique leadership position in the region.

Issue 396
May 2017

This month we are focusing on the North East’s arts and culture sector. As a region, we boast world-class cultural organisations and institutions, from Newcastle’s Theatre Royal, Gateshead’s Sage Gateshead and BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, to Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art and Durham Cathedral, a World Heritage Site. Sunderland is also set to get its own cultural quarter soon to add to the Empire theatre and the National Glass Centre.

Issue 395
April 2017

It has been a year since our last issue dedicated to the technology sector and it seems that the digital industries continue to flourish in the North East – from startups and scale-ups to corporates.

Issue 394
March 2017

This month, North East Times focuses on professional and business services as we look at what constitutes a professional service nowadays – expanding the conversation beyond the traditional solicitors and accountants to property specialists, management consultants, engineers and technologists, too.

Issue 393
February 2017

This month, we focus on skills and how and why we need to tackle the skills gap in our region. Speaking to some of the businesses and organisations for this issue, it’s clear that there are jobs available in the North East but workers must adapt their skill-set to fill the positions in sectors such as advanced manufacturing, engineering, health, life sciences and digital. Alternatively, we must attract talent by showcasing the North East as a vibrant place to work and live.

Issue 392
January 2017

In our first issue of this year, we look at the strengths of life sciences and healthcare in the North East. We reflect on the region’s infrastructure in these sectors, as well as some of the pioneering research taking place in the region and the impact it is having on world health. Our cover story is with Professor Sir John Burn, whose impressive journey from County Durham pit village to medical elite has helped facilitate major advances in the world of genetics and genomics.

Issue 391
December 2016 Magazine

In this issue, a number of North East businesses reflect on their biggest achievements and challenges in 2016. We also bring you three key regional interviews – Sean Bullick from NE1, Andrew Lewis from the newly established Tees Valley Combined Authority and Rebecca Ball from the Sunderland 2021 bid team – who tell us about activity in their respective areas.

Issue 390
November 2016 Magazine

This month, North East Times is celebrating successful and up-andcoming business women in the North East. It has been a pleasure to speak to just a few of the women who are making a real impact on the region’s economy across so many sectors: retail, hospitality, media and STEM-related industries. Each has a unique story to tell and I hope that you feel inspired reading about their journeys.

Issue 389
October 2016 Magazine

This month, we celebrate innovation and new thinking in business. It is so important that new products, services and business models are created but too often, business shy away from spending on R&D. Instead, they are content to sit back and wait for others to create pioneering technologies.

Issue 388
September 2016 Magazine

This month, we look at the different ways companies and organisations address their employees’ well-being and whether a working environment can really make an impact on a person’s productivity level.

Issue 387
July/Aug 2016 Magazine

For this summer issue, North East Times is looking at money and how to make it, grow it and share it. Our cover subject, the esteemed North East businessman Graham Wylie, perhaps perfectly epitomises this journey.

Issue 386
June 2016 Magazine

Automotive issue. We’re home to industry heavyweights Nissan, Komatsu, Caterpillar, ZL TRW and NIFCO UK, as well as countless smaller supply chain companies and associated businesses. In this issue, we look to celebrate the strength and depth of the North East automotive industry.

Issue 385
May 2016 Magazine

This month, we look at the issue of inward investment and how we attract more of it into the North East. For our cover story, we examine the ways NewcastleGateshead Initiative – operating under Invest Newcastle – is showcasing the city and the surrounding area to companies and investors from the rest of the UK and around the world.

Issue 384
April 2016 Magazine

In this special Technology Issue, North East Times looks to celebrate the North East tech sector, as well as look at some of the digital issues facing us all. We should rightly be proud that the North East is home to Europe’s only FTSE 100 Technology company, Sage, as well as four of the UK’s top 100 fastest growing tech companies (Aspire Technology, Ontrac, SITS Group and Visualsoft).

Issue 383
March 2016 Magazine

Our cover story features Sarah Glendinning, regional director of the CBI, who is tasked with highlighting the region’s business interests when the national organisation is lobbying Government. Alan Hodgson, the new chair of the North East LEP, also speaks about the importance of the region being heard as part of the Northern Powerhouse agenda.

Issue 382
February 2016 Magazine

Northern Powerhouse issue. The Northern Powerhouse agenda has been building momentum for the past 18 months, ever since Chancellor Osborne set out his vision for it at a speech in Manchester in 2014.
This issue looks at what the Northern Powerhouse is and what its main drivers are.

Issue 381
January 2016 Magazine

In our January issue, our cover star may be a familiar face but we’re not looking at this icon of Newcastle United’s footballing career. Instead, we explore the part Alan Shearer is playing in the growth of Speedflex, an innovative fitness concept.
There is, in fact, a sporting theme running throughout this issue.

Issue 380
December 2015 Magazine

As we say goodbye to 2015, this second issue celebrates some of the year’s biggest success stories among the region’s business fraternity. Our cover story also explores one of the region’s biggest business announcements of 2015. Lookers plc acquired North East-focused Benfield Motors for £87.5 million this autumn.

Issue 379
November 2015 Magazine

In this first (relaunch) issue, there are interviews with Dean Benson of Visualsoft and Jonathan O’Halloran of QuantuMDx – two inspirational business leaders who are bringing true innovation to their fields, from bases in the North East. As is our cover story subject – Atom Bank – which is looking to revolutionise the UK banking system from its HQ in Durham.

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