Advancing recruitment into valued talent partnerships

January 5, 2021

The businesses that succeed are the ones that truly understand their values and deliver on their promises. Jackson Hogg is one such company. Having regained momentum built up before lockdown, the Newcastle firm is pressing ahead with international expansion plans from its regional base – all while remaining committed to providing its long-standing clients with the tailored, personal services they have come to expect. Steven Hugill finds out more.

“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.” Those words belong to psychologist Carl Jung but could so easily be framed on the wall of Jackson Hogg’s Newcastle office.

As people, Jung theorised that we are defined by our commitment to actions, rather than words.

The Swiss died in the early 1960s, but at specialist global recruitment and outsourced people services partner Jackson Hogg, his philosophy lives on.

“We are much more than just a North East recruitment agency, our core value is care, it is central to everything we do and we live out our values every day” says founder and chief executive Richard Hogg.

“We go above and beyond for companies – we help them achieve growth and prosperity through their people.”

The support Richard alludes to is delivered via a number of strands, which when bound together, provide value-driven talent services that span from professional entry level through to senior board appointments.

Adopting a people-led approach, Jackson Hogg tailors services to meet clients’ specifications, with bespoke support programmes offering partners – which include many well-known North East firms, as well as companies across the Atlantic in the USA – invaluable assistance with recruitment, networking, training and HR.

Working internationally across sectors that include manufacturing, engineering, science and technology, the company is also building an ever-increasing reputation in the pharmaceutical, life sciences and construction industries.

All of which, says Richard, differentiates the business markedly from competitors – and further highlights its commitment to delivering tangible, effective action.

“We provide outsourced HR services and bespoke training programmes,” says Richard, who set up the firm in 2012.

“Having someone with the ability to go out and speak to businesses and provide effective HR advice is invaluable, as is our associate training offering.

“The latter is all about upskilling, developing and mentoring, and we connect clients with experts in relevant fields who input valuable knowledge to a team,” continues Richard, who reveals the business is working with companies in the UK’s life science ‘golden triangle’ of Oxford, Cambridge and London.

A flagship element within Jackson Hogg’s support framework, however, is its Talent Partnerships.

Acting as internal recruitment managers, its Talent Partners work on-site with clients of all sizes to lead the employment process, which, says chief operations officer Anthony Broadhead, delivers clients’ headcount plans whilst increasing the speed of recruitment, controlling cost and improving the candidate journey.

“Our Talent Partners bind us with a client; we essentially become one company ensuring our service is delivered with an alignment of values.

“They are a hugely differentiating factor between us and the rest of the marketplace.

“Dedicated members of the team are accountable to the hiring managers and senior decision-makers and liaise with our specialist consultants on assignments to ensure the best people that meet clients’ requirements are chosen for interview.

“It means clients are happy and have real-time communication and feedback with management information at any time.

“We can do that because of the talent we have, and because of the values, culture and processes we have in place,” adds Anthony, who reveals the business has recently taken on a duo with considerable life sciences sector experience to bolster its offering in that sphere.

Providing clients with valuable resources and market information, says Richard, reflects Jackson Hogg’s overriding commitment to partners’ enduring achievements across future years.

Rivals may look for short-term successes, but Jackson Hogg is built on entirely different foundations.

And that platform has ensured all Talent Partnership clients have extended beyond their initial contract.

“It is all about long-term relationships; we are not one-hit wonders and are constantly raising the bar,” says Richard, who studied a Mechanical Engineering degree at Newcastle University and worked in consultancy before founding Jackson Hogg.

“By providing clients with the right talent, we are helping them capitalise on opportunities.

Anthony adds: “We are not just building teams; we are building relationships – and our client base is extremely loyal.

“One previously likened working with us as going into their favourite restaurant’s kitchen and seeing everything looking clean and organised.

“That speaks volumes about what we do.”

Richard continues: “The impact of what we can do also has an absolutely phenomenal impact on people’s lives.

“When we look at connecting candidates with clients, we go the extra mile and ask ourselves, ‘what would we do if it was a family member?’”

To emphasise the point, the company last year launched the Jackson Hogg Open Network.

A free open access platform for highly-skilled workers out of work, it allows businesses to engage and advertise directly with immediately available professionals in STEM-driven industries.

The response, says Richard, has been very positive, with the network planned to continue across 2021 expanding nationally.

Another area where Jackson Hogg is mapping out substantial growth is across its business ecosystem.

It recently began conducting ‘executive interviews’, with figures such as Sedgefield-based Kromek chief executive Dr Arnab Basu, which it is using to gain crucial insight into the ever-changing dynamics of the North East’s business landscape.

“We want the best network and best client experience,” says Richard, who counts more than 30 colleagues in his team.

“We want to be at the forefront of knowledge in sectors and be connected with the best people.”

And it is such a framework, says Richard, that will help propel Jackson Hogg to further national and international success.

From its proud Newcastle headquarters, he says the business is extremely well placed to grow globally, with its strong financial base – and ever-increasing reputation – making Jackson Hogg a desirable proposition for clients worldwide.

They will, he says, include partners in the USA, where the company is enjoying growing traction. “We are hugely ambitious and really hungry for growth,” says Richard.

“The business is in a strong position – we had our best-ever month in February 2020 just before the lockdown and then saw 30 per cent year-on-year growth in November, with December following a very similar path.

“Our future pipeline looks very good.

“In the USA, we are working with partners in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Massachusetts and New York, and only recently did someone contact us from New York to tell us how thrilled she was with the role we’d helped her secure, given everything that happened during 2020.

He adds: “In five years’ time, we intend to have a business of 150 colleagues that is growing multi- nationally.

“We will always have our headquarters in Newcastle, which we will use to retain and expand our very strong UK presence and growing reputation in the USA, working within manufacturing, engineering, science and technology driven sectors.”

Jackson Hogg
Based in Walker, Newcastle, Jackson Hogg has earned praise from a number of clients, including Alnwick-based Arcinova and Gateshead engineering firm WHP Engineering. The latter describes the company as having “exceptional” regional and national knowledge and wanting “our business to have the best and succeed.”