Five benefits of using mediation for business

December 7, 2018

Nicola Crowther of Crowther Mediation explores the main reasons why more companies than ever are turning to mediation to resolve their disputes and to move forward in business

Disputes and conflict in the workplace can be difficult for all concerned. They take up precious time and energy and hamper business productivity. Examples of civil disputes include anything from contract issues, partnership dissolution to professional negligence. Workplace disputes are also becoming increasingly commonplace ranging from disagreements between employees, bullying and harassment to issues around equal pay. All of which place a huge drain on a business’s time and resources.

Luckily, help is at hand through mediation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services, which are helping organisations settle issues outside of the courtroom in a fast and cost- effective manner so they can get on with the day job.

So what are the main benefits of mediation and how can it support your business?

It’s fast: being involved in a dispute of any kind is stressful for everyone involved and the key is to find resolution as quickly as possible and move forward. Unfortunately, the  longer a dispute takes to resolve, the more difficult the situation becomes, making it even harder to negotiate a settlement between parties.

This is why, from the point of referral, Crowther Mediation acts quickly to arrange a session involving all parties within a two-week period. Taking place over the course of one day, mediation is a relatively fast process with meetings starting in the morning, working through to the evening if necessary, in order to achieve a workable solution for all parties.

It’s cost effective: the rising costs of litigation can add more stress to an already difficult situation for those in dispute. In many cases the cost of litigation can far out way the value of the claim, with escalating costs sometimes devastating a business and adding pressure to an already difficult situation. Mediation services mean that matters can be resolved for less than £1000 per party compared to litigation costs that can run into tens of thousands of pounds.

Saving relationships: nobody ever really wants to fall out or find themselves in a dispute. As experienced civil mediators, we regularly hear clients expressing a wish to salvage a friendship, family or working relationship. Sometimes the ability to continue doing business together or building bridges with an opponent is more important than the value of the dispute. Mediation means issues can be settled quickly and affordably, helping those in question to retain important relationships and move forward with dignity.

Legally binding protection: mediation isn’t just about conversation and promises, rather it offers a robust and legally binding agreement to protect both parties and reaffirm decisions made. As such, any individuals present in the sessions must be capable of making decisions on behalf of the litigants (company director or CEO). The ‘decision makers’ are also encouraged to have their lawyers present to draft any legal documents as well as provide advice throughout the process. It is therefore vital that time is used wisely and that decisions made are binding.

Convenience: at Crowther Mediation, we take care of the small detail so you can concentrate on the big stuff. Our dedicated admin team will liaise with all parties to arrange a convenient date and time. We will also locate a suitable venue and provide refreshments and catering. Having a time and venue of your choosing is often far better than the inconvenience of working to court timescales, many of which are based outside of the area, creating the need for unnecessary travel.

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