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Our commitment

When we relaunched North East Times Magazine with a new direction last November, the publication – naturally – underwent numerous changes. However, one factor that has remained constant is our commitment to credible, long-form and trusted journalism, which blends independent with commercially-supported content.

Based on our founding principles of transparency, integrity and creativity, we created a product that pushed the boundaries of what was possible for a regional publication and gave the North East a voice that it hadn’t had before – the authentic voice of business.

Since 2015, we have celebrated the ingenuity and personality of some of the North East’s most extraordinary figures while also shining a light on the myriad opportunities we have in the region to make a big impact on the wider world.

This will continue in the future, but we will also create a platform for leaders in the local business community to share their opinions and deploy the expertise of our expanded editorial team to deliver insights on how to make the North East a better place to work and live.

Over the years we’ve seen the digital revolution accelerate at rapid speed, allowing individuals and businesses to create and consume content in new and exciting ways.

But rather than seeing this as the death knell for print, we believe we are uniquely placed to act as a counterweight to the incessance of fake news and be a trusted, credible and reliable source of information.

In today’s media landscape, we also recognise that holding attention is more important than ever.

The advertising ecosystem has become increasingly digital-focused, leaving consumers looking for reprieve from the information overload online.

It’s here where print really comes into its own, offering consumers a more considered, trustworthy and slow-paced approach to getting the information they need, when they need it.

But we know that print needs to adapt to survive. It’s been five years for us, and the economic, social and political landscape has changed irrevocably.

We need to offer our advertisers more than just a page in our magazine. We need to work more strategically with in-house marketing teams to develop campaigns that help our clients achieve their objectives and make a big impact in their target market.

That’s why our new commercial strategy will be based on a multi-channelled approach that pushes content through a variety of platforms, maximising reach and delivering real benefit for our advertisers.

We have become genuinely influential in the region through our print, digital and events channels and have developed an enviable network of business leaders, entrepreneurs and support organisations. Our offer to clients is to create new opportunities for them through this network.

Our new editorial direction will see us become a business magazine for the North East rather than a North East business magazine.

This is because we recognise that the world is more interconnected than ever, which means that national and international economic opportunities and challenges need to be explored at a regional level.

Our journalists are embedded in the maelstrom of current affairs and will be extracting any and all stories that you, our readers and clients, need to hear about.

We will inform you of business developments wherever they occur and will focus on the big issues of the future such as entrepreneurship, sustainability and technology.

This publishing company has grown significantly from the team of four which relaunched a legacy title back in 2015.

With more than 125 years of collective print and media experience and 1400 hours now going into making every issue, we are confident that you will love the new North East Times and be excited to engage with it.

After what has been one of the most challenging years of our lives, we move forward with a new magazine, a new voice and a new strategy to help your business thrive in the different times that lie before us.