Bright Spark Q&A – Kieron Goldsborough

Kieron Goldsborough, managing director of Narrative, discusses his career so far and future plans for the business

What led you into your chosen career?

I Initially harbored ambitions to be a fine artist, sadly a lack of talent and unsure I could actually make a living from painting, made me rethink. I worked in-house for a number of years but always found the image of agencies too much to resist. I love the varied projects we work on and creating ways to help business achieve their goals, so when in 2014 I got the chance to buy my own agency I jumped at it.

Who or what has made the greatest impression on your career?

It’s a bit of a cliché, but it really has been the people. I have (and still do) worked with some amazingly talented people. I get a real buzz out of working in a creative environment and this has been crucial in developing the culture of Narrative.

What does your company/organisation do and how is it making an impact?

We deliver effective marketing that helps businesses achieve their goals. Marketing is sometimes considered to be all smoke and mirrors, with clients not actually sure what their agencies are doing. We’re changing all of that, by working in partnership with a business we are able to understand what they want to achieve, then create a solution that delivers results. It shouldn’t be a mystery to the client, we build shared marketing plans that give clients confidence that they know what we’re doing, why and what results it’s generating.

Briefly, what does a typical working day comprise for you?

We work with lots of different clients who operate in lots of different sectors, so no two days are really the same. My time tends to be split between client meetings, business development and working on brand strategies for clients. I started in my career as a designer so I still take a keen interest in our design output and love nothing more than trying to help inject creativity and enthusiasm into projects.

Narrative is based in Sunderland, while home is Barnard Castle, so I spend lots of time travelling between the two. Audio books have been a godsend in dealing with the lengthy commute.

What are your company short and long-term aims?

The last 18 months has seen us spend a huge amount of time on developing the business and building a strong platform for growth. We have recruited great people into the business, developed and streamlined our processes to ensure we become a truly professional organization.

In the short term we will continue this work and really push our growth over the next 18 months. Ultimately, I want Narrative to be the leading provider of marketing services – the name that comes to mind when you think about marketing.


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