Live: Q&A with Hubspoke Marketing

Adam Walker, director of Hubspoke Marketing

Tell us a little about your business?

We are a marketing and media agency based at Business Central offering anything from marketing consultancy, photography and videography. In short we use words, images and videos to promote organisations. This is all grounded in marketing theory and we choose our services that offer the best fit for our clients.

What is the most rewarding aspect of running an independent business in the region?

Being part of the business community and supporting businesses with their marketing. We like getting to know people and their businesses and then delivering meaningful work that produces results.

And what are the key challenges?

Growth is a challenge that many small businesses face. We are in no rush, but we do have plans for growth. We are doing this organically but that takes time also with the current climate we just want to make sure that we do this at a rate that is sustainable moving forward. We are happy building strong foundations and really honing and developing our service offering.

In a post-COVID world, how have you adapted your working practices?

We are fortunate that much of our work is digital. This has placed us in a good position to support our clients remotely. It has also meant that we are well placed to support others delivering their services remotely. For example, our media support can include anything from some photographs, video tours, promotional videos or even 360 tours. It can be a great way of showcasing a space, telling a story or communicating a message. We are of course delighted to be back in Business Central and whilst distancing needs to happen it is great to feel part of the community again.

 What are your short and long-term objectives?

Our short-term goals are to keep producing quality work and of course wash our hands regularly! Longer term we are keen to expand the business and support more clients with more work and really develop our offering.

How does Business Central support your business plans?

Business Central is a key part of our business. It is our home. Whilst there are challenges with distancing and public health guidance, it is important for us to have our space to get those ideas flowing. We do work remotely, which is great, however we have missed our office during lockdown. Having a base here is great for us, we have got some ambitious plans and it is the perfect setting for us moving forward.