Bright Spark Q&A – Pete Watson

Pete Watson, CEO of Newcastle-based cloud solutions company Atlas Cloud, discusses his career and future plans for the business

What led you into your chosen career?

After completing an MBA in 2008, I was looking to do something else but wasn’t sure quite what.  I love technology and wanted to pursue something in an innovative space.  I formed a consultancy with a friend which led to Sherpa Business Consultancy. Atlas Cloud was a business I helped form with its original founders.  I helped with fundraising, customer acquisition, strategy and planning.  When I was asked to join full time it felt like the right time to fully submerge myself and I jumped at the chance.  IT is always changing and that keeps it interesting.

Who or what has made the greatest impression on your career?

When I became CEO, I loved being able to plot and chart the course and work with great people who thrive on an open culture. Every day is exploratory, motivational and fun. I have always sought accountability and responsibility; it keeps me focused on the important things.

What does your company/organisation do and how is it making an impact?

Atlas Cloud is an award-winning, modern, managed service provider. Our solutions are focused on enabling distributed work forces and mobile workers to get high performing services wherever they are on any device. We have a breadth of customers but seem to make the biggest impact to SMEs that are growing and are reaching the point where they have increasing needs and demands without the expertise or skills to handle this themselves.  This is where we really add value to help organisations scale whilst improving efficiency and productivity.

Briefly, what does a typical working day comprise for you?

I live over at the coast, so I cycle in as many times as I can during the week. Due to the level of travel in my role I am typically in different regions numerous times a week, mostly London. I’m often on trains and meeting partners, customers and recruiting new people to help us build out our ambitions.  I am a fully mobile worker, so I am online most of the time.

What are your company short and long-term aims?

Our short and long term aims are both about  high growth. We are on target to grow by 80% this year and that growth is allowing us to continue to invest in R&D and the hiring the best people we can afford.  We believe we are an employer of choice and we will be spreading that message nationally as we continue to ramp up our operations and coverage. But where possible we want to build our teams in the NE where we have a great team already.

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