Live: Q&A with Thinking Digital start-up winner, Phillip Daneshyar

Phillip Daneshyar, founder of Thirsti, successfully pitched to the Thinking Digital crowd as part of the start-up competition on May 17 at Sage Gateshead. Here, he shares business insight and short and long-term aims

How do you describe your business to others?

Thirsti aim to change hydration in healthcare. Our hydration management device, the thirsti Puck, tracks a users hydration and alerts medical staff when a user is starting to be at risk of dehydration. We are working closely with care homes and hospitals to trial our product with their residents and patients.

What business advice would you offer to other individuals? 

Listen to your customer. Thirsti began by aiming our product in the retail sector for sports and fitness enthusiasts. Customers began to get in touch and tell us how the product would benefit their elderly parents who are regularly forgetting to drink. So we began exploring the idea of suing the device in care and it is now our main focus.

Briefly, what does a typical working day comprise for you?

Early start in the gym, followed by a mindfulness sessions. The rest of the day is finds me working in either a cafe or a co-working space, working on the product. I regularly visit care homes and also, I consult in California for a medical start up 11-Health for 1 week a month.

What are your company short and long-term aims?

In the short term we are focussing running trials with hospitals, care homes and care services to build data around the benefit of the product, as well as, raising investment in the next 3-6 months. In the long term we are focussed on getting our first contract with a major healthcare organisation.

What’s the biggest challenge your business is facing? How will it overcome this?

Raising investment within the next 3-6months is probably our biggest challenge right now. However, we are confident of achieving this by proving the quality and potential of our business to make a big difference in the healthcare market.

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Photo: TyneSight Photographic Services