Opinion: What is an employer brand?

As the war for talented staff gets fiercer and with new worries of the post-Brexit labour pool, the attractiveness of your business to potential employees is more important than ever, says Kari Owers, Managing Director of O Communications

We can all think of a few companies that seem like a great place to work.

It might be the way they communicate on their social media channels or the way they talk to their customers. Or it might just be a really cool workplace – who hasn’t seen the office spaces of tech giants kitted out with beanbags and fun slides and thought ‘I’d like to work there’.

So how do you take that extra step to make your business appealing to both existing and new employees?

Be a people business

Every employee is an ambassador for your business. Whether that is through social media or word of mouth, each member of staff has an experience of your business to share.

Encourage existing employees to tell their stories and if possible, provide a space online to show everyone the members of your team. People like to know they are talking to real people.

Lead from everywhere

Companies that have strong leaders have a magnetic brand. Charismatic, passionate leaders will humanize your business and encourage communication both internally and externally.

Leaders such as Richard Branson and Lord Alan Sugar actively express their opinion and determination through a range of channels, often prompting discussion around their brand.

Be social

Potential employees are very likely to check out your social pages, just like you might check them out during an interview process.

Ideally, your social channels should mirror your work environment. You’re human and it’s useful for potential employees to know who they’ll be working with and what office culture they can expect to walk in to.

Tell stories, shout about your achievements and bring your business to life through creating and updating your own content.

The power of brand

Branding is important to every business. When you create a brand, you are shaping how you want an audience to view your company and the services you offer.

A strong, recognisable brand with a clear message will ensure your audience remember who you are and what you do.

To maintain that, consistency is key across all channels that you have a presence on. Your employees should also have a clear image of how your brand should be communicated to an external audience.

The working environment

Make your working environment accessible to more than just your staff.

School tours, open days and inviting candidates in to the place of work can provide a valuable insight for those interesting in working for you.

Where that isn’t possible, live videos and behind the scenes images on social can be much more effective than writing why you are such a great place to work. Show people why you are.


Creating opportunities in your business increases employee retention, allowing you to keep the best of your talent for longer.

Nurture and develop future leaders, drive the gender equality agenda and ensure that employees know that their opinions are heard. Each employee should feel as though their input is valued and important for the business.


The most important point is that there are lots of great companies out there but they fail to communicate well, resulting in an internal audience with no shared vision and potential talent not knowing they exist.

Having an internal and external employer brand communications strategy is vital to ensure you attract and retain great people.

From a quick message at team gatherings, to an internal newsletter or social network and video communications for multi-site operations – there are many technologies that can help aid regular flow of communication.

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