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A new corporate workplace wellbeing firm has achieved some impressive client wins

A mental health practitioner and trainer has launched her own workplace wellbeing firm, Our Minds Work; hitting the ground running with a growing client roster including Northumbrian Water plc, Muckle LLP and Bede Gaming.

The Team Valley based business was launched a little over five months ago and, in that time, is already working with an extended and growing list of organisations.

The work with Northumbrian Water plc includes upwards of 350 managers, encompassing the leadership team, in three phases over the course of the next three years across the group operations in the North East, Essex and Suffolk.

Our Minds Work managing director Emily Pearson, said: “We strive to develop workplaces that keep people mentally well, fostering positive workplace cultures that have a positive impact on the whole business. So I’m delighted that we are getting the message out there and that we are getting such positive traction with employers like Northumbrian Water plc, law firm Muckle, and technology business Bede Gaming and many others.”

Emily has worked hard to raise awareness of mental health issues in notoriously high stress industries such as the construction sector and works extensively and collaboratively with employers and their HR teams to address industry specific issues that can include stubbornly high prevalence of depression and suicide.

“There is a lot of work to do and educating companies, managers, senior managers and business owners out there who still think mental health is not their problem is absolutely key. The conversation about mental health has opened-up and what we’re trying to do is build on this, so it’s not just being seen to prioritise mental health, but actually affecting real change in the work place.

“If done correctly, with the right intentions, and with the correct processes in place it’s a win-win for the employer and the employee. A happy environment is an effective one and this is demonstrably shown in organisations bottom-line.

“We all deserve to thrive at work, and have the potential to be successful, productive and fulfilled. Mental health is a huge part of the equation; it stands to reason that if you feel resilient to life’s ups and downs and can access the support and resources you need to maintain good mental health, you are more likely to succeed in your professional and personal life.”