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A new emotional intelligence conference helps businesses to navigate our increasingly complex world

The world in which we live is becoming increasingly complex.  Political uncertainty and complexity (and divisive politicians) together with the fast paced, technology driven, emotionally disconnected society is becoming overwhelming.

Our stress levels are rising, our performance and productivity is being undermined and our health and wellbeing affected.

An international Emotional Intelligence conference (EQ Connects) is being held in Newcastle upon Tyne on 15 October to help us to navigate this maze and to develop a happy, sustainable and thriving workforce.

“Emotions drive people and people drive performance’ says Katharine Roff, European lead for Six Seconds, a global not for profit Emotional Intelligence business.  “In turbulent times, organisations with a resilient, adaptable and emotionally intelligent workforce show a distinct competitive advantage.  The success and performance of your organisation depends on your employees being at the top of their game.”

Emotional Intelligence, otherwise known as Emotional Quotient (EQ), is the ability to understand our own and other people’s emotions effectively – and then to think and act with intent and purpose.

EQ Connects will host internationally renowned keynote speakers and EQ thought leaders from across the globe who will be sharing insights, ideas, experiences and fresh thinking on Emotional Intelligence with an audience of leaders from business and education.

The conference will be chaired by the BBC’s Charlie Charlton and speakers include EQ thought leaders Josh Freedman (CEO, Six Seconds), Martyn Newman (CEO, RocheMartin) and Gary Hosey (CEO, The Emotional Intelligence Co) amongst others.

The packed programme also includes a range of fun, experiential sessions that will look at how you can strengthen and develop EQ understanding and apply the latest EQ tools in action.