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Acorn Dairy works with Flat Caps Coffee and Rounton Coffee Roasters to launch Barista Milk

A family-run organic milk and cream producer has worked with two coffee brands to launch a barista product.

Acorn Dairy has created a milk blended for silky-smooth and long-lasting micro foam, which comes with an optimised fat and protein ratio.

The venture was inspired by a conversation with barista Joe Meagher, of Newcastle’s Flat Caps Coffee, and benefited further thanks to developmental support from North Yorkshire’s Rounton Coffee Roasters.

The product, known as Acorn Barista Milk, has launched nationally, with particular focus on the North East, Manchester and London.

Batch tested for micro foam consistency, the final composition of Acorn Barista Milk was perfected over several weeks with repeat visits to hand-picked, coffee house customers and extensive product testing at Rounton Coffee Roasters.

Caroline Bell, sales and distribution director at Acorn Dairy, which is based at Archdeacon Newton, near Darlington, said: “We are always keen to explore new and exciting ways to develop our dairy products.

“It was great to have a conversation with someone of Joe’s standing and we’re so grateful to him for bringing this to our attention, to Rounton Coffee Roasters and also to Lucy Spence, new owner of Hobo, in Yarm, for their help and support in bringing Acorn Barista Milk to life.”

Joe added: “I’m very conscious of my business’ eco footprint and keen to use organic milk. I’ve been to see the cows at Acorn and have served organic milk to customers since 2010.

“My first conversation with Caroline about tailoring Acorn’s organic milk for barista needs was back in January.

“I wanted a milk that would optimise the coffee presentation with great latte art and micro foam while allowing for the delicious coffee flavours to work well with the milk, rather than be masked by it.

“The milk that Acorn Dairy has come up with here does that perfectly.”