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Animmersion invests in animation skills to boost United States export prospects

A technology company has invested in the skills of its 3D animation team to boost export opportunities to the United States.

Animmersion has developed new capabilities to produce life-like simulations, which support the testing and promotion of new products, as well as engineer training across sectors including utilities and offshore energy.

As a result of the investment and continuous innovation, the Middlesbrough-based firm is able to create 3D renderings of moving objects and masses, such as waves lapping against sea walls, as pictured left.

Such ability is particularly important with sectors involved in the management or transportation of liquids, including chemicals, as Animmersion can create a 3D animation that effectively mimics movement and flow.

Having established a presence in the United States market, the business has experienced a growth in exports of its immersive products and services.

Bosses say the development of its capabilities will further bolster the company’s position in the market and support its ability to secure new work in key industry sectors.

In recent months the firm has secured six new clients from across the United States, providing a variety of its digital visualisation technology solutions to support activities including industrial product marketing and immersive exhibition experiences.

Dominic Lusardi, owner and managing director, said: “The pace of change in the 3D animation sector is dramatic and we are focused on being at the forefront of developments by constantly investing in the development of our team and technology.

“For example, in the world of entertainment, the advancements seen in 3D animation from the first Toy Story film made in 1995 to the fourth movie released this year are truly impressive.

“We are taking the same technology developments and applying them to industrial applications to help improve efficiencies and productivity, which is supporting our increased presence in both domestic and international markets such as the United States.”