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Anxious Minds chosen as NEPO Charity of Year

NEPO has demonstrated its commitment to supporting local communities in the North East, announcing Anxious Minds as its 2023 charity of the year.

Anxious Minds was chosen by the NEPO team in recognition of the charity’s work in supporting those within the North East living with anxiety and mental health issues. NEPO will support Anxious Minds through fundraising activities in 2023 including the Manchester Tough Mudder.

Anxious Minds has six centres in Wallsend and Blyth; Veteran Recovery College, Adult & Children Counselling Services, Community Drop-in Recovery Centres and the Women’s Crisis Centre. It is also home to one of the largest outdoor therapy centres in the UK, offering activities such as canoeing and woodland nature walks, which the NEPO team are keen to assist with.

NEPO is committed to supporting local charities through its ESG Strategy. This will see the NEPO team volunteering and fundraising for local causes. Alongside this NEPO suppliers are asked to support local and regional initiatives through its social value approach. This includes supporting reforestation and donating to local causes.

Carly Ivers, procurement coordinator at NEPO said: “NEPO is recognised as a national leader in delivering positive outcomes in local communities. Through social value approach we are committed to using our resources and expertise to ensure that every pound spent creates value for our local economy.

“NEPO understands the important role that independent charities, such as Anxious Minds, play in strengthening local communities and invaluable support they offer. We look forward to working closely together with Anxious Minds in helping to raise funds for its vital work.”

Edward Dean, ceo of Anxious Minds, said: “Thankfully, whilst speaking about mental health struggles is no longer as much of a taboo as it once was, we face an unprecedented challenge in that the number of people struggling is going up whilst funding is going down, in real terms.

“NHS waiting lists are months, if not years, long and we know that early intervention is key. It is thanks to the support from individuals, businesses and organisations, such as NEPO, that Anxious Minds is able to step in and provide drop-in centres, support lines and counselling sessions for those that would otherwise feel they have nowhere else to turn.”