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Apex Wiring Solutions invests in construction industry disruptor – Apex Core

Apex Wiring Solutions has recruited a team of industry specialists and invested over £500,000 in a creating a manufacturing facility for the Apex Core – a central hub for a household’s heating, ventilation, electrical, communication and metering services.

The North East-based company, which claimed to ‘revolutionise’ UK electrical installation is hoping to once again disrupt the construction industry with this new venture.

Key to this drive are prefabricated utility cupboards (PUCs), which are favoured in the construction sector because they arrive fully assembled and ready to install on site.

Apex directors, Mike and Dave Lewis, are creating the UK’s largest PUC manufacturing facility at their base in Littleburn Industrial Estate, near Durham city centre.

Contracts and production managers James Moore and Paul Cooper, alongside production supervisor Kaspars Netlis, will oversee design, development and production of the new product.

The team have been recruited by Apex Wiring Solutions for their reputation for PUC innovation.

Company director, Dave Lewis, said: “There are moments in industry when there are huge leaps forward in innovation. We saw that with modular wiring in the early 2000s and we’re seeing it now with these PUC units.

“Modular solutions save developers time, reduce waste, cost less and are safe – all things that are vital if the Government is to truly address the housing crisis and build more homes, particularly starter homes.

“James, Paul and Kaspars have developed the technology. They have spent the last six years refining and perfecting PUC design and development, so when they became available it was a no-brainer for us to recruit them to lead this exciting project.”