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Bespoke Financial Newcastle aims to become ‘one of UK’s biggest life insurance brokers’ after merger

A financial services operator has completed a merger it says will help it become “one of the biggest life insurance brokers in the UK”.

Bespoke Financial Newcastle has united with Bespoke Financial Group and its sister company Bespoke Health.

With more than 100 advisors operating across all firms, bosses say the move is part of wider plans to create more job opportunities, as they aim to double the growth of the organisation over the next two years.

The firms, which are active members of broker network PRIMIS, collectively service more than 1000 new families every month.

Terry Blackburn, principal at Bespoke Financial Newcastle, said: “By combining our resources, we’ll become one of the biggest life insurance brokers in the UK.

“We’ve always shared a similar work ethic with Bespoke Financial Group; our old-fashioned values and a belief in hard work has contributed to our success and this merger is a natural progression.

“It’s a very exciting time for us and a huge achievement; we’ll be able to help more families than ever before while we continue to grow the business and raise the profile of protection.

“Our clients are important to us and are the reason we are continually striving to improve our offer to provide industry leading products that suit the needs of our clients and their families.”

The merger was led by Lee Flanagan, principal at Teesside’s Bespoke Financial Group, which was recently awarded PRIMIS Number One Protection Firm 2021.

He said: “We’ve always had a heavy focus on creating jobs within our business, we believe in giving people the opportunity to work and have a proven track record for employing individuals with no previous experience in the industry.

“We take the time to provide world class training to our new starters the ‘Bespoke Way’, which is based on our values and winning mentality; it’s by sharing our expertise that young individuals can forge a rewarding career within financial services.

“This is the reason we have always been able to offer the best possible service to our clients whilst making careers in the industry more accessible.”