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Best customer service in the UK – and that’s official!

Boldon-based energy consultancy, Square One Utilities, has been recognised as offering the best customer service of any energy consultancy in the UK.

The company not only retained the North East Consultant of the Year it won last year but added the coveted national award for Best Customer Service, at the prestigious Energy Live Consultancy Awards.

The awards presented at a gala dinner held in London, saw Square One Utilities compete against firms from across the UK for the top spot.

Square One Utilities, managing director, Michael Harkus, said: “Retaining the title of North East Consultant of the Year is vindication that our high quality and ethical approach has, yet again, been recognised in what has become a somewhat crowded market space in recent years.

“It is with even greater pride that we have now been nationally recognised as offering the best customer service of any energy consultancy in the country.

“All too often, competitors in our industry focus their efforts on selling and trying to win new business. Whilst we are always delighted to accept new business at Square One, first and foremost, our priority is to look after existing clients. Building a long-term rapport with clients is not only rewarding, it also makes sound business sense. Retaining customers is far more cost effective than having to manage constant churn and we feel that our exceptional customer service is the lifeblood of our business.

“I believe it is our customer-led philosophy that keeps our clients so loyal. They stay with us over the very long term and I am sure this is a major contributor as to why new business tends to seek us out rather than the other way around.

“Winning the national award for Best Customer Service is well deserved recognition for our operational team who put so much effort into not only resolving issues as and when they arise but, more importantly, work tirelessly throughout the year to make sure problems never actually occur in the first place.”

Consisting of former senior managers from Northern Electric and Npower, Square One Utilities was established in 2004. Its enviable and varied client list ranges from important regional businesses such as the Port of Tyne, to world renowned national clients such as Eton College.

Awards organiser, Geoff Curran, commercial director, Energy Live News, said: “TELCAs are all about highlighting the best in energy brokers. We are really pleased that companies like Square One enter and win, as it shows that boutique companies have as much opportunity as the big ones. The judges were really impressed, saying the company showed that customer service is a state of mind and its entry evidenced this with a really good study.”

In addition to winning the North East Consultant of The Year and National Best Customer Service awards, the firm also reached the national final in the Most Trusted category.

Michael Harkus, added: “We are not the biggest energy consultancy in the country, but we are certainly amongst the most knowledgeable and professional. Our clients know that we will service all their energy related requirements and do so to the highest standard. We charge sensible and transparent fees, giving absolute assurance that we are representing their best interests rather than those of the energy supplier and, in return, we are rewarded by our clients staying with us year after year.”