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Beth hoping to make a splash with All In Waves launch

A mother has launched an online baby equipment rental firm to help cut costs for parents.

Beth Fuller has founded All in Waves.

The 25-year-old says the venture creates “a solution for the short lifespan of baby products and the financial expense they cause”.

The business features a number of products, with Beth – who previously owned a sustainable marketplace for independent fashion and beauty brands – saying it has “everything parents need for babies while on a summer holiday without having to buy at full price”.

Beth, of Newcastle, added: “Renting is just our first step to making shopping make more sense for parents.

“There’s such a disparity between the cost of products compared to their lifespan, and so many parents are buying and selling second-hand with no guarantee on safety and hygiene.

“We’re excited to become the solution for parents in every way that we can.”