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Bloom Procurement Services forging ahead with social value commitment

Bloom Procurement Services has become the first organisation of its kind to be awarded level two of the Social Value Certificate.

The certificate is accredited by Social Value UK, the national network for social impact and value.

The decision to award Bloom with the accreditation follows an extensive examination, wherein the company evidenced that the implementation of its business systems was consistent with the Social Value Principles.

Having now achieved both level one and two, Bloom is committed to obtaining a level three Social Value Certificate – the highest award on offer.

Catherine Manning, assurance and networks manager for Social Value UK, said: “We at Social Value UK, are really excited to see Bloom make huge progress in embedding social value management practice into its operations and throughout its business.

“As the first procurement organisation to achieve level two ‘Implementation of the Social Value Certificate’, it is truly impressive to see the cross-organisation dedication to prioritising social value and ultimately making business decisions that include social value in the process.

“We are really looking forward to seeing what Bloom does next.”

Adam Jacobs, executive chairman, Bloom Procurement Services, added: “We are delighted to have been awarded level two of the Social Value Certificate.

“Social value is integral to all aspects of the Bloom business model and we have designed our systems and processes to optimise social value outcomes for our customers.”