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BrewDog engages Hive HR to deliver employee feedback surveys

The popular Scottish craft beer company BrewDog has entered into a new partnership with Newcastle-based Hive HR to deliver their first employee survey.

Hive HR’s employee feedback platform replaces the traditional annual survey approach and offers businesses a smart tech solution to employee surveying.

After engaging Hive as HR partners, BrewDog’s survey results are already fuelling positive change within the organisation.

Hive’s platform allows businesses to regularly survey their employees to gain new thoughts and insights on prevalent business matters and daily work experiences.

Businesses can then use this feedback to improve employee engagement, experience and performance.

Now a global pub chain, BrewDog is headquartered in Scotland and has grown rapidly since being founded in 2007.

The company now employs 1350 people and boasts 92 bars globally, 49 of which are in the UK.

Fiona Hunter, head of people at BrewDog, said: “Our partnership with Hive has started at exactly the right time.

“We are really looking at our culture, our values and how we communicate internally as part of the whole employee experience – Hive will give us the insight we need to make sure our future people plan is right for everybody.

“Our senior leaders recognise that it’s our people who have helped us achieve our success to date, and so want every member of our crew on board as we navigate the company through huge growth.

“They see engaging our people as the key to protecting our customer following and much-loved brand presence.”