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Chancerygate helps build bright future for community sport

The UK’s largest multi-unit industrial developer and asset manager has kicked off an exciting new collaboration with one of the North East’s leading sports tech innovators. Chancerygate operates nationwide and is dedicated to impacting positively on areas that are home to its eye-catching developments. That longstanding commitment to supporting local communities caught the attention of like-minded Tyneside-based service GiveToLocal.

An obvious synergy persuaded the two organisations to work in tandem to identify community sport clubs that could benefit from a much-needed financial boost. “We’ve committed to put at least £1,000 into the community in each of the areas in which we build,” explains Amanda Walker, foundation director, Chancerygate. “This is our way of giving back and engaging with those communities. We’re committed to making a positive contribution and looking at making an education-focused impact where we can. Community sport and education go hand in hand and that’s why GiveToLocal’s work resonated with us.”

Chancerygate is developing property in Norwich and Liverpool, and through GiveToLocal the firm sought to identify two outstanding community sport clubs in each city. Dodgeball’s Norwich Nighthawks and Rugby League’s Liverpool Lions both emerged as worthy recipients of Chancerygate funding. And the clubs will receive £1,000 apiece, as part of an overall package supported  by Northwood Investors and MCS, as they look to tackle the post-lockdown era with renewed confidence.

“Volunteering is at the heart of community sport and if our contribution to the Nighthawks and the Lions can support the volunteers at both clubs we’ll be delighted,” adds Amanda. “They are unsung heroes and by working alongside GiveToLocal we’re in a position to support the invaluable contribution of those volunteers.”

Construction is underway on Chancerygate’s phase two of Mersey Reach in Liverpool — developing 12 new Grade A units totalling 102,485 sq ft in the Dunningsbridge Road area of the city. And 17 new Grade A units at Diamond Point in Norwich are also under construction, with sizes ranging from 3,047-52,902 sq ft. Supporting community sport clubs close to both sites reinforces an ongoing commitment to both cities.

“It’s fantastic to be able to work with such a forward-thinking firm as Chancerygate,” says Neil Gardiner, co-founder and CEO, GiveToLocal. “From the outset it was clear that there was a recognition and trust in what we are about and what we’re here to do. From our perspective, Chancerygate’s commitment to corporate social responsibility aligns perfectly with our approach to supporting community sport and it’s the model we are taking to partners in communities across the UK.

“It’s a really refreshing collaboration and straight out of the blocks we’re able to work together to make a significant difference to two fantastic clubs. GiveToLocal’s national network is such that we were able to identify where Chancerygate’s support can have a meaningful local impact. The Nighthawks and the Lions are excellent examples of clubs with a longstanding commitment to their local community and we’re thrilled that this funding is coming their way.”

Chancerygate has up to 2.7 million sq ft of industrial space under construction or ready for development across 20 UK sites. It manages more than £255m worth of assets across five million-plus sq ft of commercial space in 392 units. The award-winning firm was named Developer of the Year at the IAS Awards in 2019, 2017 and 2015 and its foundation continues to support a diverse range of worthy causes.

“Chancerygate’s support couldn’t have come at a better time,” says Dom Smith of Norwich Nighthawks. “The funding we’re receiving will enable us to make our club even more accessible to families on low income and to the student community. We have the ability to offer free sessions and ensure that people feel able to come back time and time again. Giving back to the community is paramount to everyone at the Nighthawks. We pride ourselves on being a club for everybody — not just for members — and that’s what this extra funding will guarantee.”

On Merseyside, the Liverpool Lions have experienced a surge in interest in Rugby League following last month’s return to sport. And Chancerygate’s £1,000 contribution has already been identified as a means of qualifying the coaches required to meet rising demand. “We want more and more people across Liverpool to play Rugby League but we desperately need more coaches,” explains Lions’ Richard Ellis. “That’s where this funding can make a huge difference. The more coaches we can put through courses the more kids and young people we can reach. We couldn’t be more thankful to Chancerygate and GiveToLocal. It’s been a tough time for everyone involved in community sport but there’s light at the end of the tunnel.”

With dodgeball players preparing for a full return to indoor action next month, Chancerygate’s contribution to a fast-growing sport could hardly have been better timed.

“The Nighthawks are a proactive community club and as a sport dodgeball needs more like them,” says Ben Hoyle, CEO, British Dodgeball. “But there’s not a lot of money in our sport — especially as the majority of our clubs have been standing still for the past 15 months. This additional funding will make a huge difference to everyone involved with the Nighthawks. It means they can emerge from the pandemic with fresh optimism and I’m absolutely delighted for Dom and his fellow volunteers.”

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