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Cleveland Bridge UK gets Tees Valley Mayor sign of approval

An historic bridge builder’s transport scheme work has received the sign of approval from a prominent regeneration figure.

Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen signed a girder destined for a Lincolnshire bridge development during a visit to Cleveland Bridge UK.

The girder will form part of a 1400-tonne weathering steel construction.

When complete, the five-span composite highway bridge will measure around 225 metres and is being produced in a line of six girders at Cleveland Bridge’s 22-acre Darlington site.

“Cleveland Bridge is an iconic business that has helped build the world,” said Mayor Houchen.

“I’m very proud it is a key part of Tees Valley’s economy, with a reputation that flies the flag for the area.

“I was delighted to put a Tees Valley seal of approval on the steel girder.

“It shows this area has high-quality manufacturing companies that can deliver on projects, whether they are on our doorstep or anywhere across the globe, as a result of growing, developing their expertise and investing in skilled workforces.”

Chris Droogan, Cleveland Bridge UK managing director, said: “We were delighted the Mayor put his name on one of our bridges.

“He is a champion for Tees Valley business and is a big supporter of local companies playing a part of the future of this region and ensuring sustainable economic growth.

“Cleveland Bridge is proud of being a longstanding Darlington company making a positive contribution to the Tees Valley through employment, including the development of apprentices and the local, and the national and international projects we deliver.”

Since its inception, Cleveland Bridge has built some of the world’s most iconic structures.

The group was involved in erecting the Victoria Falls Bridge and in 1911 designed Middlesbrough’s Transporter Bridge.

It has also supplied bridges for the widening of the A1 in North Yorkshire, and jungle and rural crossings in Sri Lanka.