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Collaboration will unlock the key to middle management

CDS Recruitment, established seven years ago and operating in the engineering, technical and scientific sectors, is working closely with Lynn Bennett Resourcing Ltd, based in Newcastle.

Chris Sultman, managing director at CDS Recruitment, said: “We have grown significantly over the last seven years and we are always looking to add value to the work we do for clients.

“In this respect, we are very keen to collaborate and work closely with fellow specialists who we feel will assist us to innovate and where there is great potential for referrals and joint marketing opportunities. Lynn Bennett Resourcing Ltd is a natural fit for us as it offers a niche service in the market.

“One of the areas we are already exploring is the gap in the market for clients requiring middle managers. They are often the unsung heroes of British industry and they play an essential role as the interface between the senior management team and the workforce. In many respects they are the glue that binds a company together, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.”

Lynn Bennett, managing director at Lynn Bennett Resourcing Ltd, said: “Having met with Chris and the team at CDS Recruitment on a number of occasions it became clear that their company values and objectives were aligned with my own.

“I work in partnership with clients to develop an accurate brief in order to source the very best talent.  By working diligently to get to know my candidates, along with their core competencies and capability, ensures I deliver a credible shortlist of high calibre candidates with the right expertise and cultural business fit.

“Having worked in the sector for over 19 years as both an HR practitioner and HR recruiter, I fully understand the importance of Human Resources in shaping an organisation’s performance, and indeed how recruitment and selection has become pivotal as clients look to their workforce to offer and deliver a competitive advantage.

“By teaming up with Chris and CDS Recruitment we are able to support each other and cross collaborate with new business opportunities and target diverse industry sectors.

“It is great to see an increasing level of collaboration amongst businesses in the region. It leads to innovation, creativity and customers that feel they have received a service beyond their expectations.”