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Financial services provider a perfect fit for firms in transition

Fast-rising software specialist Fintegrate is moving at pace in response to positive feedback from financial advisers.

Expansion of the firm’s North East operation reflects its emergence as a prominent disrupter at a time when the coronavirus crisis forced a necessary change in approach and thinking.

And Fintegrate’s international team of developers has worked around the clock to ensure an innovative planning software proposal meets the fast-changing needs of key clients.

“On the back of the feedback that we’ve had from our live demos with financial advisers we’ve been able to introduce a range of exciting and effective new features,” explains Chief Executive Officer Lee Parkinson.

“At Fintegrate we don’t develop something that we think is right – we ask our developers to create the software that our clients want and need.

“The advisers we speak to help to drive and define our development. Our systems are updated to reflect their requirements and suggestions.

“We’ve delivered more than 100 demos now to financial adviser firms and the feedback has been absolutely fantastic.

“The positive responses have been overwhelming and we’re in a position where we can start onboarding clients and streamlining their financial planning processes.”

That onboarding process focuses on three key stages and is designed to help firms achieve an efficient financial planning process – fast.

“Our approach is simple and effective,” adds Lee. “We begin with scoping, move towards planning and then the implementation of that agreed plan.

“The scoping stage allows us to get to know the people we’re working with and understand how firms approach the financial advice process and the systems they currently use.

“From there we can create an implementation plan which sets out the roadmap for our clients.

“The third stage is where Fintegrate really makes a difference. We follow the roadmap to ensure plans are progressed quickly and with the minimum of fuss.”

Prior to onboarding firms, Fintegrate focuses on demonstrating the value in its risk profiling, research and recommendations, client reporting and portfolio reviews features.

Integrating these features with existing technologies streamlines a service swiftly capturing the attention of clients across the UK.

“Financial planners frequently quote these four areas as the most laborious and time-consuming,” adds Lee. “Firms using Fintegrate can make a 71% time saving because of the way we prioritise our service.”

Fintegrate continues to expand its reach across a growing client base and its eye-catching service is endorsed by an increasing number of satisfied customers and industry leaders.

“With ever-increasing compliance and regulatory demands placed upon advisory firms, selecting the right tools and technologies to support your business is never plain sailing,” admits John Netting, Co-Founder/Director at Sense Network.

“With my compliance hat on, having the right, robust and repeatable processes in place is the lynchpin to any successful advice model. Fintegrate will help deliver just that.”

John’s positivity is echoed by Nathan Fryer, Managing Director of Plan Works Ltd.

“I am passionate about integrity and quality in financial advice and it is clear to see that the guys at Fintegrate share that same ethos,” he says.

“Having effective and efficient processes in place is vital for any firm and I have already advised all of my partner firms to take a closer look at Fintegrate.”

For Mike Barrett, Consulting Director at The Lang Cat, Fintegrate’s efficient service is a no-brainer.

“Anything that helps provide a more seamless end to end advice process for the advice firm – together with an improved experience for the client – should be a win/win,” he believes.

“Fintegrate does exactly that – reducing the cost of delivering advice, whilst improving customer outcomes.”

Lee and his team believe that Covid-19 should be no barrier to evolution and working with like-minded firms has proved the point.

“Firms have been using the last few months to take a step back and review their processes,” he adds.

“That has involved maximising efficiencies and looking at how new technology can work for them.

“We have been able to step in and offer a workable solution to help those firms now and in the future.”

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