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FIRST embarks on international collaboration to inspire next generation

A North East company is forging international relationships to help inspire business owners and entrepreneurs fulfil their ambitions.

Gateshead-based FIRST, which provides a network of services aimed at connecting young people and start-ups to the local business community, has joined forces with the bestselling business author, Dayna Steele.

The American entrepreneur has inspired business audiences across the world as a keynote speaker on the power of networking, sales and business strategy.

Dayna’s career has seen her publish eight books, run for public office for the Democratic Party in Texas and sell her e-commerce aerospace business to NASA.

A regular host on Houston’s KLOL radio station, she has also presented ‘The Rock Business’ – a video series about music entrepreneurs.

The connection to the North East comes from FIRST’s managing director, Charlotte Windebank, who has been quoting Dayna in seminars and workshops for the last six years.

The quote is: “Almost every success you have in life and business is because the right person is in your network. The larger your true network, the more opportunities come your way. The more ideas. The more answers.”

Charlotte got in touch with Dayna on social media to explain that her words have inspired more than 6000 young people in the North East who have attended FIRST’s workshops.

Dayna responded by offering to do a free workshop, which was held last week in partnership with FIRST and NEL Fund Managers and attended by 40 North East business owners who left the session feeling inspired and motivated.

Dayna has also recently written about her experience engaging with the North East business community in a guest blog available on Microsoft 365.

FIRST managing director, Charlotte Windebank, said: “Never has ‘practice what you preach been so true’ – we empower people to have the confidence to reach out to people – we can now use that quote and give the back story to show what happens when you do.”

Charlotte and Dayna are currently hatching plans on further transatlantic collaborations, details of which are to be announced in due course.

Dayna Steele’s Microsoft blog is available here: