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GiveToLocal announces £2 million investment plan

GiveToLocal has unlocked an additional £2m as the innovative North East-based organisation presses ahead with its bold plans to generate an extra £10m a year for grassroots sport.

More than 44,000 teams – across 14 sports – have registered with the fast-growing nationwide service.

And GiveToLocal’s corporate footprint continues to grow as an increasing number of UK businesses express an interest in supporting community sport.

“Our focus is two-fold as we prepare to welcome back grassroots sport in line with the easing of lockdown restrictions,” said CEO and co-founder Neil Gardiner.

“We are offering a £100 kit voucher to the first 20,000 teams which hit their target for income generated through our app and supporting service.

“That’s £2m worth of kit going directly to teams which continue to be challenged by the coronavirus crisis.

“A full calendar of explainer webinars will outline what is a clear and simple process and our staff will be on hand to provide additional support and advice.

“Secondly, we are redoubling our efforts to connect with prospective corporate partners.

“We firmly believe there is a unique opportunity for businesses to make a difference to community sport and benefit from being part of a network of like-minded professionals.”

GiveToLocal encourages grassroots teams to work with donors and local businesses to generate additional income through a service that is easy to use and designed to have positive, long-lasting impact.

Launched in 2019, the North Tyneside-based organisation trialled its service with football before branching out into 13 more sports.

Athletics, boxing, gymnastics and American Football teams were added to the GiveToLocal roster last week and there are plans to support more sports in the future.

“The £2m giveaway is an opportunity to invest in our teams and engage with them so that we can continue to have a positive impact on grassroots sport,” added GiveToLocal’s Corporate Relationship Manager, David Broom.

“At the same time, we’re opening up conversations with more corporates across the UK to broaden our reach regionally and nationally.

“The North East is our heartland. It’s where we are proud to be based and where we are already seeing clubs and businesses working together.

“However, GiveToLocal is supporting thousands of teams in a range of sports across the country. We are very much focused on the bigger picture here.

“As far as our corporate partners are concerned there is a mutual benefit to what we do and we’re all about building meaningful, long-term relationships.

“Partners can access a unique sport and business network that’s built to last.

“There’s a chance to make a real difference to local communities and, at the same time, benefit from GiveToLocal’s proven media, marketing and event support.

“We can deliver tangible value to our partners in terms of marketing and business generation.”

Post-lockdown, plans are in place to revive GiveToLocal’s successful Corporate 5s five-a-side football event and expand the format into other sports – bringing together businesses and local clubs in a relaxed environment designed to foster relationships and grow networks.

And David adds: “I’d love to start more conversations about how GiveToLocal can act as a catalyst for positive change.

“I’m convinced those conversations will explain how community sport can connect people at every level.

“I’m living proof of that. I arrived in the North East not knowing anyone apart from my wife to be.

“It was grassroots football that helped me to find my feet and become part of the community.”

Neil adds: “The £2m we’ve set aside for kit is part of a wider campaign building on – and defining – the GiveToLocal vision.

“It’s a headline figure that has the potential to open people’s eyes to the positive direct impact we’re having at club and team level.

“We want to ensure that our service has the maximum impact.

“Creating an incentive to get clubs to engage isn’t a difficult thing for us to do. We’re simply encouraging them to embrace a service that we know works for their benefit.”

To discuss corporate opportunities with GiveToLocal contact David Broom via [email protected].