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Global energy specialist launches new technology 

A fast-growing global energy and technology consultancy has developed new technology to help businesses monitor and manage their energy usage more effectively.

Gateshead-headquartered Global Procurement Group (GPG) has developed the new technology,  which provides real-time data that helps companies determine how much energy their assets use at any given point in time. The technology has been developed by the company’s tech arm – ClearVUE Systems and Energy Lab – based in Malta and India respectively.

The ClearVUE’s Alpha.Lite energy software allows businesses to more accurately measure usage and proactively manage it, helping them to reduce costs and carbon, in the drive towards the UK Government’s 2050 zero net economy. Alpha.PRO is a next-generation, cloud-connected monitoring and targeting system offering businesses the opportunity for live streaming of energy data down to one-second granularity, which provides the opportunity for instant action. Businesses gain a 360-degree view of their energy fundamentals, from a single circuit to multiple assets across the globe. It instantly shows them where energy efficiency can be improved and energy waste reduced, saving costs and cutting carbon emissions.

Fokhrul Islam, GPG CEO and founder of Northern Gas and Power – part of GPG – said: “From talking to our customers, we understand there’s a real demand for change. But the utilities sector needs not only a change of attitude; it also needs a change of technology.

“There is the opportunity to totally transform how businesses use and manage energy, as we move towards a sustainable, low-carbon economy. People want change – businesses tell us they want to become more eco-friendly, but technology has limited their ability. We know there is a real demand for change in people’s behaviours and we need to drive that through technology.”

Founded in 2012 by Fokhrul Islam and headquartered in North East England, Northern Gas and Power employed 75 people by 2016/17, growing to 228 the following year and currently at 550 globally. In 2018 revenues reached £29m and are on track for £44m by the end of 2019, with projected GPG revenues to reach £62m by 2020.

In addition to new technology, the company has also launched two energy price comparison sites – Business Energy Quotes and Energie SuperMarché. Targeted to the UK and French markets these are the fastest and easiest low-cost, online business energy prices comparison sites available in their respective markets. Requiring minimal customer input, just business name and postcode, can generate a comprehensive range of competitive tariffs from a variety of suppliers.