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Helping people to help themselves

Two North East-based organisations committed to positive change on a national scale have rubber-stamped a mutually beneficial partnership.

NHS-approved sleep service Sleepstation and grassroots sport organisation GiveToLocal are working together to improve the health and wellbeing of local communities across the UK.

And the innovative collaboration comes at a time when GiveToLocal is expanding its corporate relationship team in order to grow a burgeoning business to business network.

Dr Neil Stanley, a leading sleep expert and key member of Sleepstation’s sector-leading team, explains: “The two organisations are all about making the world a better place.

“GiveToLocal and Sleepstation focus on helping people to help themselves by providing expert advice and user-friendly applications.

“Both organisations started out with a clear idea of how they wanted to achieve that rather than by using broad brush strokes without any focus.

“It makes sense that Sleepstation should partner with GiveToLocal.

“There is a common ambition to change things for the better at a local, national and global level.

“Even small changes can make a huge difference and GiveToLocal has already demonstrated that with the wonderful work that they’ve done within grassroots sport this year.”

Both Sleepstation and GiveToLocal have pivoted positively in the face of the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

And at a time when caution and uncertainty continues to dominate the region’s economic landscape, two forward-thinking Tyneside-based organisations are looking to the future with confidence.

“Sleepstation is another example of the kind of high calibre national partner that we are excited to be working with for the benefit of grassroots sport in the UK,” adds GiveToLocal’s Corporate Relationship Manager, David Broom.

“I’ve been in this role for less than two months now and it’s already become clear to me that the North East business community wants to have a conversation about grassroots sport and creating sustainable funding for teams affected by COVID-19.

“The topic of conversation is the same but it’s clear that the proposition can be unique to each partner.

“We are in a position to align the aims of our partners with the needs of the grassroots sport community and ensure genuine progress.

“There’s been so much positivity that I’ve been given the green light to appoint another 12 people to my team.

“That means GiveToLocal can suddenly scale its efforts right across the UK at a much faster pace. We’re able to better demonstrate the value of our service to potential partners across the country and we’re in a position to grow a national network of like-minded businesses with a love of grassroots sport at its heart.”

Sleepstation was founded eight years ago and is established as one of the world’s leading sleep services.

The decision to appoint Dr Stanley reflected a growing desire to open up a science-backed debate around many of the key issues related to disruptive sleep and to complement a package of world-leading support for those with insomnia.

“We’ve got an excellent service but we wanted to expand upon our range of scientifically valid content and to be in a position to deliver authoritative lectures and webinars for our client organisations,” he adds.

“We’re not just delivering a single service – we’re offering added value to help people to get a better night’s sleep across the board.

“It just so happens that I’ve joined at a time when sleep problems are very much a topic of conversation as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

“COVID-19 has thrown into sharp focus a number of things – not least that people could and should be in a position to help themselves with a problem like sleep without necessarily needing to visit a GP.

“Sleepstation’s digital service is a perfect example of how that is already happening.

“There’s no reason why digital healthcare can’t be just as beneficial to you as an individual as seeing a doctor face to face.

“Being able to offer a digital health service means that there is no constraint on time – you can ask about other illnesses and problems rather than just focusing on one illness.

“In the future you will see more and more products coming on to the market looking to address these issues and seeking to help people to help themselves.

“The difference is that Sleepstation has been doing this for years. We’ve got something set up and ready to roll. We’re not a new kid on the block.”

By comparison GiveToLocal, founded last year, is still forging its reputation as a key player on the national stage.

However, a string of high-profile celebrity endorsements, the confirmation of several national partnerships and a roster of more than 48,000 teams nationwide means a service dedicated to delivering sustainable funding to community clubs is on course to exceed its first-year target.

GiveToLocal plans to put £10m annually into grassroots sport and David adds: “In the past I’ve been used to selling something that a lot of other people are offering.

“Now I’m talking to people about a unique service that resonates with businesses looking to make lasting, positive change.

“Compared to Sleepstation, GiveToLocal is a new proposition at the start of its journey. However, we look at how Sleepstation continues to evolve and engage and we can see what’s possible for our own organisation.”

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