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High tenant satisfaction for Bernicia housing association

North East housing association, Bernicia, is celebrating after a recent survey found that nine out of ten tenants were satisfied with their services.

Commissioned by BMG Research, the survey was sent to 7000 tenants to identify their views on a range of service areas such as repairs and maintenance and the quality of their neighbourhood as a place to live.

The survey also found that 89per cent of tenants were happy with the quality of their home and said that the amount they paid in rent represented good value for money.

It was crucial for Benicia to commission this tenant satisfaction survey as they are about to embark on a £200million investment programme into new and existing properties.

By 2023, they aim to build 600 new homes and inject £60million into improving its existing 14,000 properties.

Bernicia director of housing services, Jeannie McMillian, said: “We are delighted that our latest survey results show 90% overall satisfaction with the services we provide.

“This headline figure and other great survey results are testament to the dedication and commitment of our fantastic staff.

“It’s so important for us to know if we are delivering on our commitments and providing the range and quality of services important to tenants as we invest £200m into properties and communities.

“Much has changed since our last survey – a business merger, the deepening impact of austerity and welfare reform and pressure on public sector budgets.

“Despite these challenges, the results we have achieved show that our staff deliver the range and quality of services that our tenants expect.

“We are looking closely at the results as we know we can do even better. The survey has shown us where we need to direct our resources to ensure that quality of service continues to excel.”