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JPH SunCare moves into new lab at North East BIC

Sun protection expert and businessman Julian Hewitt has moved into a new lab at the North East Business and Innovation Centre (BIC).

His business, JPH SunCare Technologies, has put faith in Sunderland as the city from which to formulate, develop and test their new products.

The company develops sun care and skin care products for clients across the globe.

It was formed in 2011 by Julian after a successful career leading on sunscreen applications, research and technical services for chemical firms like ICI, Uniqema and Croda.

Julian said: “Suncare is one of the fastest growing sectors of the global personal care market because people have really woken up to the dangers of sun damage.

“They want more of their everyday skin care products, as well as their sunscreen, to offer protection from harmful rays.

“Many of the small and medium-sized companies developing cosmetics and decorative products want to add UV protection to their claims and benefits but don’t have technical departments to do this inhouse so using the expertise of an independent consultant like me is a perfect solution.”

Julian’s clients provide a brief outlining what properties they want in the final product and he finds a way to use them to optimize the product.

He also draws on his 30 years of industry experience to provide training – teaching the science of sun protection to those new to the field – and offers advice to companies unfamiliar with complex industry regulations.

Speaking about his move to the North East BIC, Julian said: “As soon as I stepped into the lab at the BIC, I knew it was exactly right. It was a big investment for me but well worth it because I now have the flexibility to run the business at a whole new level.

“I am often away visiting clients in the likes of the US and Europe and it’s so reassuring to know everything is safe and secure and exactly as I left it when I return.”

Paul McEldon, chief executive at the North East BIC, added: “The BIC is proud to be called home by all kinds of innovative companies boasting diverse knowledge and expertise and we are delighted to welcome JPH Suncare into our community.”