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Just Williams announces new sales academy

Stockton-based firm Just Williams has launched a new arm – the Just Williams Sales Academy. It will offer a range of masterclasses and training courses to help businesses develop their sales strategies in-house.

The key aim of the academy is to empower companies to manage their own sales strategies in a way that suits them and to succeed in doing so.

Jessica Williams, managing director of Just Williams, said: “My aim has always been to professionalise sales, to make sure that people working within the industry are equipped with the right tools to make an impact – in the right way.

“Sales training is a difficult thing to formalise. But we believe that the Just Williams experience, coupled with real world knowledge, has given us the credentials to lead these classes.

“I hope to inspire a new generation of salespeople and help them to achieve great things.”

The Just Williams Sales Academy has announced 3 classes in September, October and November, with more dates promised for 2020.

Emma Storey, sales specialist at Just Williams, added: “It’s been amazing to see the initial response from other businesses.

“Being relatively new to sales myself, and having seen the course content, I can hand-on-heart say that these masterclasses will be an absolute must for companies wanting to increase their sales success.”