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Kromek Group wins £1.7 million Government agency deal – just days after protecting NATO leaders

A technology firm known for helping thwart terror plots has secured a fresh £1.7 million contract.

Sedgefield-based Kromek Group will supply chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear detection products and services to a Government agency.

The four-year deal comes just days after Kromek deployed its flagship, County Durham-made D3S-ID radiation detectors to NATO to protect leaders during an emergency Brussels summit on Russia’s Ukrainian invasion.

Dr Arnab Basu, Kromek chief executive [pictured above], said: “This contract is testament to the value this long-standing customer places on our products.

“In light of the recent reports of turmoil at the Chernobyl site and in the battle over Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant, the global community is alive to immediate nuclear dangers.

“These emerge both from damaged infrastructure and the growing threat of dirty bombs being manufactured using radioactive waste.

“Consequently, governments are increasingly expected to enhance their wide area monitoring to be able to provide early warning of the presence of nuclear material.

“Our products are world-leading in delivering this capability, demonstrated by their deployment at events such as NATO.”