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Local firm’s new offering gives customers the chance to go green and save money

A North East roofing contractor is expanding its services into renewable energy to offer customers an opportunity to reduce their bills.

Findley Roofing, the largest domestic roofing contractor in the North East, is launching a new solar division, which will offer the installation of solar panels and battery systems onto customers’ roofs.

This year the energy price cap rose by a record 54 per cent, with the average household now paying £2,500. Coupled with price rises in nearly every other aspect of life as a result of the cost of living crisis, renewable energy provides a viable opportunity for households to reduce their bills.

And, in a bid to make solar and battery installations more affordable, the chancellor has announced they will not be subject to VAT, making it the perfect time for Findley’s new venture to support its customers.

Sales and marketing manager Richie Carrigan said: “The cost of living crisis and rise in energy bills is a huge worry for many people, but with renewable sources, it’s possible to soften the blow. By installing solar panels and batteries, our customers will have more control over the energy they produce, and it will be less of a shock when the bill arrives.”

The team have been working hard behind the scenes and Findley has invested heavily in its new solar division, carrying out research and development across a number of months to ensure its new branch will provide the right benefits to customers.

Existing surveyors and fitting teams have all undergone extensive training to ensure their product and fitting knowledge is to the highest standard, while the new division will also create six new jobs in the short term.

Richie continued: “Our aim is to install £500,000 of solar panels and battery systems over the next six months, so it’s important that our team were ready to hit the ground running with full knowledge and training.

“We’re going to be creating six jobs initially with the solar division, but we want to continue growing this area of the business and envisage that will increase to 10 jobs by summer 2023.

“By continuing to expand, we can streamline the journey for our customers, from enquiry to completion of any works undertaken.”

As well as the cost benefit, the Findley Roofing solar division also gives customers the chance to reduce their carbon footprint. Improved loft insulation, and solar and battery installation are part of a number of energy-saving initiatives offered by the team.

Richie said: “The environment is at the forefront of many of our conversations at Findley Roofing, and we are committed to helping our customers to be more eco-friendly.

“Now is a great time to think ahead for the future and take advantage of installing solar panels, and who better to do it than a competent and highly trained Findley roofer!”

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