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Major investment into Port of Sunderland

A UK manufacturer has been granted planning permission to construct a new purpose-built terminal at the Port of Sunderland.

This major investment from Brineflow Ltd, who manufactures liquid nitrogen fertilisers, will create scores of new manufacturing and distribution jobs.

The new base at the port will have an initial capacity of handling 50,000 tonnes per year and will be used to store liquid fertiliser for the agricultural industry in the North East and the Borders.

It is hoped that the development will breathe new life into disused land at Youngs Quay in the port.

Brineflow identified Port of Sunderland as a potential site due to its strategic location on the East Coast with proximity to suppliers in the Baltic States and for larger cargoes in Rotterdam and other European ports.

John Fuller, chairman of Brineflow, said: “The liquid fertiliser market is growing fast as farms increase in size and become more mechanized.

“Sunderland is ideally located to complement our existing operations in the South and East of the country.

“Port of Sunderland is able to handle the most common size of tanker ships found in European waters and is best placed to help us develop the rapidly expanding market for liquid nitrogen fertilisers in the North East and the Borders with renewed road infrastructure and a significant number of experienced local hauliers.”

The opening of the Northern Spire bridge has significantly improved road connectivity in the area, leading to a rise in demand of firms importing and exporting goods via the port over the last 12 months.

Port of Sunderland director, Matthew Hunt, said: “Port of Sunderland is a fantastic location for businesses that are looking for excellent connectivity and handling capabilities, and we’re seeing the market respond to that, with a number of enquiries from businesses looking to establish a base on our estate.

“The traction that the port is gathering, and the continued investment being made by the council in both the port estate and the wider city, has provided a major boost to us.”