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Materials Processing Institute launches group to support organisations through digital revolution

A research and innovation centre supporting work across advanced materials, low carbon energy and the circular economy has created a new group to help organisations through the digital revolution.

The Digital Technologies Group, launched by the Materials Processing Institute, brings together the application of data and technology to support the enhancement of clients’ products, services and processes.

It will support the implementation of the digital revolution, known as Industry 4.0, which focuses on the trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies and processes.

It will be led by Chris Oswin, under the overall direction of Gerard Stephens at the Materials Processing Institute, which is recognised as a research centre for the global steel industry.

Gerard said: “Digital technologies are an area of expertise for the Institute and recently there has been an increased level of interest and requests for support from clients and industry.

“This has resulted in bringing this area of focus together into a single group to support clients and be better positioned to support and respond to the national and international challenges of digitalisation.

“Through in-house experience, collaborations and partnerships, we will bring together high-level expertise to achieve optimum outcomes.”

Chris, Digital Technologies Group manager, added: “Utilisation and development of digital technologies to support clients is not new to the Institute, in fact it has been done for many years for specific research projects, but the focus of the Digital Technologies Group will further enhance and co-ordinate this level of support.”