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Metec UK eyes carbon reduction with £5.5 million contract wins

A South Tyneside manufacturer is hoping to play an active role in reducing CO2 emissions after winning a pair of contracts totalling £5.5 million in the offshore renewable energy industry.

Metec UK will manufacture sacrificial anodes for the long-term protection of steel substation jackets and foundations at one site off the coast of Scotland and two off the coast of France and Holland.

The contract wins will enable Metec to play their part in CO2 reduction and help produce more than 1500 MW of clean renewable energy.

Metec was also recently awarded a large LNG terminal project, taking its new projects for 2020 to around £10 million.

Established three years ago, the company has manufacturing facilities in South Shields and Tunisia and is now a leading manufacturer of corrosion protection for high value subsea assets.

Initially employing just six people, Metec now has 45 people within its business. Turnover has increased from £5.2 million in its first year to £8.6 million this year.

Alberto Via, managing director at Metec UK, said: “The last three years confirm that our decision to commit to the UK, and in particular to South Shields, was the right one.

“In a short space of time, we have demonstrated Metec’s ability to support large, important and prestigious renewable energy projects throughout the UK and Europe – and much of that success is reflective of the North East workforce’s ability and attitude.

“With Government investment announcements for a number of offshore renewable technologies including Dogger Bank wind farms, renewables present a key opportunity to Metec and the North East region for employment – and we will be at the forefront of this exciting development.”