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NBS launches first cloud-based specification platform at global conference

NBS launched its first cloud-based specification platform at a global conference in St, Louis, America this month to an audience of more than 700.

NBS, which provides technical information, specification and BIM tools to construction industry professionals launched the new platform, NBS Chorus, a collaborative specification platform supporting global design and construction, aimed at those professionals who need to produce high quality specifications efficiently.

The use of cloud technology, ensures that those using the new platform have the latest software and global content at all times, improving collaboration and efficiencies across whole teams.

NBS Chorus will help professionals like designers, architects and engineers work together, no matter where they are in the world, truly supporting global design and construction.

The Newcastle-based business, which recently announced £31.8m of investment from the private equity arm of Lloyds Banking Group, LDC, see this launch as the future of specification for construction professionals around the world.

“One of the key areas highlighted by a recent global report from the McKinsey Global Institute, was that to improve productivity, the construction industry needed to ‘infuse digital technologies’ to get close to the $1.6 trillion global value the sector could reach if it could truly transform itself,’ said Richard Waterhouse, CEO of NBS.

“NBS has always taken the initiative to do better for our customers and continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible within the industry. We see NBS Chorus as the future of specification and see true value for anyone who wants to come on this journey with us.”

A number of global practices have been involved in a private launch of NBS Chorus throughout 2018, including Ryder Architecture, based in Cooper’s Studios.

Glenn Tate, Associate at Ryder, said, “We’ve been delighted to work closely with the NBS team on this new launch, it’s been an exciting process and we’re glad to have had the opportunity to influence a new product for our industry.”

A specification is a document that describes in words what cannot be visualised or explained on a drawing or model and can be incredibly wide-ranging covering the type of contract to be used; the performance criteria of the asset; the quality of the systems and products; which standards are applicable and how they should be executed; and even the products to be used.

Richard continued, “We’re very proud of the journey we’ve been on, and I’m incredibly proud of what my colleagues have achieved with the launch of NBS Chorus.

“We want our customers to be a part of the digital disruption that’s happening across the industry; we want to bring them on the journey with us and be at the cutting-edge of disruptive technology.”

If you’re interested in learning more about NBS Chorus, NBS is running a series of discovery events across the UK in September and October. To register interest email/visit and to find out more visit

To find out more about NBS Chorus, visit