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NCFE and Learning Curve Group launch new climate change qualification

Education providers NCFE and Learning Curve Group have launched a new technical qualification in Understanding Climate Change and Environmental Awareness.

The Level 2 certificate has been designed support employers maintain sustainable practices as staff return to work from lockdown.

It follows the renewed emphasis on environmental issues that has been one of the more positive takeaways from the coronavirus crisis.

NCFE says the pandemic has demonstrated the positive impact limited travel and a slower pace of life can have on pollution levels and emphasises how important green spaces are to all of us.

The qualification, created in partnership with Learning Curve Group, will equip learners with the necessary knowledge and skills to play a role in the transition to more environmentally sustainable business models.

With employers under pressure to reduce their carbon footprint and help the UK-wide effort to move towards a low carbon economy, this new training programme will enable businesses to meet sustainability benchmarks and adapt for the future.

NCFE’s chief executive, David Gallagher, said: “At NCFE, we are committed to our core purpose to promote and advance learning to help individuals to improve their life chances, but also where possible, to benefit the wider economy.

“Climate change is one of the most significant political and economic topics of our generation that is gaining increasing momentum at a global level.

“Clean growth and carbon reduction are key government priorities, with entire funding streams being dedicated to investment in renewable energy and sustainable practices, both nationally and locally.

“As employers give more strategic consideration to their environmental impact and take practical steps to optimise their operations, upskilling employees with the knowledge and skills that they need to effectively carry out their responsibilities will become a key priority, which is why we are delighted to bring our new qualification to the market.”

Brenda McLeish, CEO of Learning Curve Group, added: “We are delighted about the launch of yet another qualification with our partners at NCFE.

“This qualification is hugely topical and a great example of how knowledge can really support positive change.

“We’re really looking forward to seeing employers embrace this qualification, and the wider impacts this will have both environmentally and economically.

“Our vision is to transform lives through learning, and by educating individuals on the impacts of climate change we can work towards a better future.”