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NCFE launches smartphone app to help students raise grades

An educational charity has designed an app to help students with homework revision at the click of a button.

NCFE has unveiled Peer Tutor, a smartphone app that allows students between 13 and 18 to connect with peer tutors who have passed their exams and are at grade 6 (B) or above.

To access support, students take a photo of their question and ask for feedback.

A verified tutor will then reply with an answer for the student to rate.

Sian Wilson, director of growth at Newcastle-based NCFE, said: “We live in an era where our schools are low on funds and teachers are overworked, so it’s no surprise to see that more young people in the UK are turning to one-on-one tuition each year.

“Aside from the private tuition sector being largely unregulated it’s also expensive, meaning access to this type of support is limited to families who can afford the costs.

“With the release of our new Peer Tutor app, we are able to provide a structured environment for young people to learn from their peer tutors in a safe and secure way, with access to high-quality content on their smartphone.”

Launched as NCFE celebrates 170 years of innovation this year, Peer Tutor is available for both students and potential tutors to sign up now ahead of the new school year.

Organisations can also get involved by sponsoring a Peer Tutor one-year subscription for Year 10 and Year 11, boosting CSR strategies, brand exposure and demonstrating a social value act.

To coincide with the launch, Peer Tutor will host a Social Mobility North East seminar in Durham for universities, businesses, charities and policymakers on September 11.

The event aims to provide a forum to discuss the inequalities, challenges and opportunities that affect social mobility in the North East.

Anyone wishing to attend should visit: