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New business Moja celebrated at North East launch party

Award-winning local businesswoman Sophie Milliken has launched her new business, Moja.

On March 2, Moja celebrated their launch at a venue in Newcastle.

There was strong support from the North East business community, with leaders from numerous different industries in attendance.

Guests were greeted with personalised goody bags and had the chance to find out what Moja is all about.

Moja is an agency with one simple mission: to let everyone in your industry know who you are. Moja recognise the importance of growing a thriving professional profile. It can lead to new connections, more opportunities and exciting experiences. But it takes time and consistency.

So, this is exactly where Moja comes in. Moja will listen to what you need and create a package to give you all the things that suit you, your industry and your ambitions. Moja will help you get known.

Celebrating the launch, Moja’s founder and CEO, Sophie Milliken, said “Moja is all about supporting entrepreneurs and senior executives within corporates to raise their profiles. We’ll do it in a very individual way. We want to help people win awards. We want to help you to showcase what you’re known for. It’s getting on to relevant podcasts. It’s getting you speaking engagements. It’s helping you to apply for board positions. It’s very much tailored to the individual – everyone is in a different place on their journey, and we will support all stages.”

The guests had a taste of this at the launch. Included in their goody bag was a personalised magazine, with their face on the cover and their name as headline news!

Sophie’s own story best illustrates the success that can be achieved by raising your profile. Through building a social media following, speaking engagements, winning awards, and taking on board positions, Sophie grew her network and raised her profile. Writing a book brought an invitation to deliver a TEDx talk, which in turn created a whole new range of opportunities including a column in an industry magazine, further podcasts, and radio and TV appearances. All of this makes people feel they know you before you even meet them, which then makes it easier to do business.

After the success of the launch in Newcastle, Moja are planning to go national with launches in Manchester and London.

Moja will also be delivering more events, webinars and workshops to support entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Follow Moja on socials (@Moja_Social) and at the hashtag #GetKnown to see all of the action from the launch.

Explore Moja’s website here –