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New partnership has power to shape communities

The opportunity to impact positively on communities across the North East has persuaded one of the country’s leading roofing companies to partner with innovative sport service GiveToLocal.

Weatherproofing Advisors Limited operate out of five UK bases with hubs in London, Glasgow, Bristol, Merseyside and Newcastle.

And the firm has agreed a regional partnership agreement with Tyneside-based GiveToLocal with a view to securing a bright future for sports clubs across the region.

“GiveToLocal impacts far and wide and that was really attractive to us when we looked at the proposition,” explains Andy Grieve, director at Weatherproofing Advisors.

“It’s a great concept and a good fit for us.

“Sport is such a big part of so many people’s lives and makes a difference in so many ways.

“As an example, I’m very interested in the studies which show how playing sport can have a positive effect on academic achievement.

“Sport has the power to bring people together and it doesn’t discriminate.”

GiveToLocal launched last December and within 12 months has established itself as a major player within the fundraising sector.

Its aim to back sport, boost business and build networks continues to strike a chord with corporate partners across the UK.

And last week’s landmark decision to go fee free on donations was a direct result of the growing support from a business community committed to affecting positive change.

“In terms of physical and mental wellbeing it’s clear how important sport can be,” adds Andy.

“It’s vital that our communities have the opportunity to access sport at every level.

“Getting out and playing sport in whatever capacity can have a hugely positive impact.”

Andy has personal experience of sport’s power to do good and was keen to see how Weatherproofing Advisors could work with an organisation perfectly positioned to support community clubs.

“Sport has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember and I’ve seen at first hand just how important it can be,” he explains.

“I’ve played football all of my life.

“I’ll always be grateful of the impact it had on me. As a kid growing up on a council estate, sport offered me an outlet and an escape.”

Andy met with David Broom, head of corporate relations at GiveToLocal, to hear more about the sport service’s unique proposition.

And he adds: “It was an incredibly positive and constructive conversation.

“David gave me a good idea of what we can achieve together and it’s an exciting time to be entering into the partnership.

“On the one hand we’re able to contribute to the growth of community sport and as an added benefit we’re able to network with like-minded businesses.

“It’s a great situation.”

David and his team are committed to growing GiveToLocal’s corporate network across the UK.

And the popular Scot has been bowled over by offers of support from the region’s business community and the North East England Chamber of Commerce.

“Talking to people like Andy simply reaffirms my belief that GiveToLocal can make a lasting difference to communities,” he adds.

“We have the experience and the expertise to help clubs plan for a bright financial future.

“However, it’s the invaluable backing of the business community that allows us to broaden our reach and offer additional assistance to clubs.

“The support of our corporate partners allows us to work with more people more of the time. Andy and the team at Weatherproofing Advisors are already making a positive difference.”

Weatherproofing Advisors boast more than 30 years’ experience in the roofing trade with a focus on industrial and commercial property.

Clients include Tesco, EDF Energy and Scottish Power and Andy believes that a close attention to detail underpins the firm’s strong reputation.

“When people ask me about our USP I like to turn that on its head,” he adds.

“It’s a very interesting topic.

“I read a book about USPs and developing the concepts of marketing and the author looks at the key strategies behind marketing.

“In many cases what you can offer isn’t dramatically different and it may not be a completely unique proposition.

“However, where you can be unique is in terms of the specific partnership you develop with a client.

“That’s what we focus on at Weatherproofing Advisors.

“We look for the right customer first and ensure that what we deliver is unique to them. Our service is very much based on individual requirements and always driven by the client.”

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