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New survey reveals strong appetite for electric vehicles in the North East

New research from telematics company Geotab shows that more than half of people in the North East who are thinking about buying a new car are thinking about purchasing an electric or hybrid vehicle.

However, while 57 per cent of consumers are considering a greener motoring solution, there is also evidence of concerns about running costs in the North East.

At 21 per cent, the North East had the joint-highest percentage of people, alongside London, who said that running costs would be one of their biggest worries with an electric car.

With the issue of climate change taking centre stage in many countries across the world, it is not surprising that 33 per cent of respondents said that reducing their carbon footprint would be a major part of the appeal of an electric car.

In terms of fully electric vehicles, the North East again had the second highest rate of respondents saying this would be their preferred option, with 23 per cent of buyers expecting to ditch fossil fuels altogether.

The North East was also thought of as having better infrastructure for charging electric vehicles than many other parts of the UK.

Support for a greater focus on EV adoption is high, with 68 per cent agreeing with the idea that the UK needs to do more to increase the number of electric vehicles on the roads.