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New ZFG Air freight service to take off at Newcastle International Airport

A new global freight airline is taking off from the region, with bosses promising a “significant number” of jobs and help for companies to break into “lucrative untapped markets”.

ZFG Air has unveiled services at Newcastle International Airport.

Officials say its twice-weekly operations, due to start in late June, will initially focus on Dubai and Hong Kong, with further routes to the USA and Europe expected to be announced later this year.

They say the venture has already created several jobs across commercial, administrative and financial departments, as well as flight and ground operations, with further posts in the pipeline.

John Quinney, chief executive, said: “This is good news for every company intent on breaking into lucrative untapped markets in various parts of the world.

“We are offering a seamless, cost-effective, door-to-door freight solution.

“The entire process will be handled in-house, which we believe is unique for an independent operator.”

John added services will initially be provided by a lease partner until the delivery of three Airbus A330-200 wide-body aircraft that can each carry the equivalent of 50 small family cars.

Leon McQuaid, the airport’s head of aviation development, added: “We are delighted ZFG has chosen to operate here and look forward to working with the team as they grow and further invest in their base.

“The North East is a strong importing and exporting region with a well-established infrastructure network for transporting goods.

“I have no doubt that this unique, door-to-door freight solution will be popular with the region’s businesses, providing a well-needed boost for the local economy, as well as creating employment opportunities.”

Pictured, from left to right, are First Officer Charlie Terry, John Quinney, Richard Lawson and Captain Mark Terry