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No leakage of talent as Jordon seals full time job

Jordon, 19, from Percy Main, North Shields, is a fabricator at the company, which is the first in the UK to achieve a British Standard Kitemark for its composite doors.

Jordon, said: “I found out about the possibility of an apprenticeship with Watergate Flood Solutions via Rising Star, a youth recruitment and training business founded by Hebburn-based Zenith People.

“Through discussions with Rising Star, I became aware of the opportunity of a one year apprenticeship as a fabricator and I was keen to apply for the position. I was thrilled to gain full-time employment at the end of my training. In the space of a year I achieved an NVQ and have settled into a role that I really enjoy and with a team that I have bonded with.

“I now have a good understanding of the manufacturing process for the composite and PVCu flood defence doors and as part of my responsibility I help to put the gaskets into the doors as well as welding them before the silicon goes in. I also bead the frame which is the process of placing the panels into the door.”

Paul Briggs, managing director, Watergate Flood Solutions, said: “Young people can often get a hard time in the press but Jordon dispells this myth. As a 19-year-old lad travelling from Percy Main to Hebburn each morning he is out of the house by 5am and arrives on time with a hunger to learn.

“We need more young people with the same positive mindset learning the tools of the  trade from a young age and being mentored properly into the workplace.

“Upon completion of his training we were delighted to offer Jordon full-time employment. We are looking forward to seeing his career progress, he is very focussed and puts 100% into all of his work.”

Alan Metcalfe, commercial director at Zenith People, said: “As a recruitment company, we identified a gap in the market for Rising Star. Working with companies, we saw a real need to develop and train young people who had a real hunger and desire to learn. It is fantastic that two local organisations can work together and help to develop the next generation of workers.”

Jarrow MP, Stephen Hepburn, said: “Becoming the first company in the UK to achieve a British Standard Kitemark accreditation for a composite flood defence door is testament to Watergate’s drive and ambition. It now has a real advantage in the market place allowing it to train and develop young people such as Jordon. I wish him the best of luck at the start of his career.”