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NYMAS partners with Teesside University to develop talent

An accessible washroom supplier is working with Teesside University to help develop students’ skills and knowledge.

NYMAS has welcomed interns Joseph Taylor, Mohammed Ouidir and Jamaal Baksh.

The trio will spend six weeks with the business, based in Billingham, near Stockton.

Second-year mechanical engineering student Mohammed is looking forward to enhancing his computer-aided design (CAD) software skills.

He said: “I really enjoy using CAD software and I’m excited to have been given the opportunity to help NYMAS update several of its product designs as part of my development with the firm.”

Having recently completed his degree in BEng (Hons) aerospace engineering, Joseph, who will start his master’s qualification in aerospace engineering in September, was attracted to the internship to gain a greater understanding of how engineering companies perform.

He will work alongside NYMAS’ quality co-ordinator Andre Simao to ensure products are designed to the highest standard.

Due to graduate in July, mechanical engineering student Jamaal investigates stress analysis on bolts in order to create a fixing kit for products in his role in NYMAS.

To further develop NYMAS and help the firm gain a competitive edge, the company is also running a knowledge transfer partnership (KTP), thanks to Teesside University.

The programme was created to help businesses prosper by connecting them to the UK’s rich academic resources.

After graduating from Teesside University with a BA (Hons) product design, Lewis Brown, from Yarm, joined NYMAS in September as its KTP associate and will work with the firm for two years.

Lawrence Stratton, NYMAS senior designer, said: “Running a KTP is a great opportunity for both the graduate and company involved.

“The KTP at NYMAS is driving process change, bringing innovation and new product development.

“NYMAS is benefiting from the resources brought to us via the KTP.

“Not only do we have a new talented design professional within the firm, but we also receive the support of key academics within Teesside University and access to testing and proving facilities.”

Keith Culmer, director of NYMAS, added: “There are many benefits local students and graduates can bring to Teesside organisations, and companies need to invest in young people as they bring fresh ideas to help innovate, and are always keen to develop their skills.

“The KTP is driving innovation and helping to bring new ideas and concepts to NYMAS.

“I am excited by what we are already achieving through the programme and look forward to the future developments.”

Norman Day, head of student futures at Teesside University, echoed the positivity.

“We are delighted to be working so closely with an ambitious and forward-thinking company such as NYMAS.

“The internship scheme is not only a fantastic opportunity for our students to gain experience in a real-world environment, it also allows companies such as NYMAS to develop their skills in key areas.

“We have fantastic student and graduate talent here at Teesside University and it is great to see a local company like NYMAS taking advantage of the opportunities that we can provide.”