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One in five of region’s business leaders suffering from loneliness, says new report

One in every five North East business leader is suffering from loneliness, a new survey has revealed.

A study led by scale-up coach Ian Kinnery shows many company owners are battling not just market forces but a feeling of isolation.

More than 100 bosses gave their thoughts to the study, with 20 per cent identifying loneliness as one of the worst aspects of leading a business.

The poll was commissioned as part of Ian’s ‘Save the Entrepreneur’ project, which aims to shine a light on the hidden struggles faced by owners.

Its findings will shape a mental health package aimed exclusively at entrepreneurs.

“They say it is lonely at the top, and sadly, this poll is proof of that,” said Ian [pictured, above], who, at his lowest ebb decades ago, tried taking his own life.

“There is the assumption that anyone succeeding in the business world will have money, security and thus peace of mind.

“However, this survey paints a far more complex and, at times, heart-breaking picture.

“Many of those polled revealed they face not just feelings of loneliness, but also enormous amounts of pressure, stress and anxiety,” said Ian, who was previously named European Coach of the Year.

“And, agonisingly, the survey suggests many North East business leaders will be suffering in silence.

“To attract more than 100 responses to the survey was incredible, and I say a big thank you to everybody who took part.

“By offering up their problems, they will hopefully help shape something that can be part of the solution.”