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Recruiter MedSolve UK fills 2500 healthcare roles to support COVID-19 fight

A healthcare sector recruitment organisation has filled thousands of positions as the country continues to battle against coronavirus.

MedSolve UK says it has found staff for more than 2500 medical roles across the North East and South West since March.

The posts, which have been created to cover 12-hour shifts across both nursing and care staff, are a growing addition to the firm’s permanent division, which has placed 18 professionals into positions across the UK including senior carers, nurses, deputy managers, home managers and regional management.

The surge in demand for medical staff came as the coronavirus outbreak swept the UK, prompting calls to help ease pressure on the NHS by increasing staffing levels.

As a result, MedSolve UK, headquartered in Chester-le-Street, has needed to recruit additional nursing and care staff to support its clients, predominantly in nursing and residential care homes.

Lisa Dodds, managing director of MedSolve UK, said: “Our experienced staff have been amazing and are picking up as many shifts as they possibly can, with the small exception of those that are needing to self-isolate due to keeping their families safe.

“Coronavirus has had an impact on businesses everywhere and we have been no different.

“It’s been amazing for us to be able to assist our clients in filling these important roles within an urgent timeframe and our team has been fantastic in offering that external support.”

Lisa also said MedSolve UK has revamped its usual interviewing process amid the home working and social distancing changes triggered by coronavirus.

After virtual interviews are conducted, successful candidates receive online training and undergo a virtual induction to discuss shifts, policies and procedures.

Lisa aded: “We’ve had to completely adapt to the current climate by changing our usual interview process and we’re helping staff with travel wherever we can.”