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Recruitment with a personal touch

As specialist recruitment and outsourced talent services partner Jackson Hogg continues to strengthen links between companies and the temporary labour market through JH Industrial, Steven Hugill assesses the venture’s market-leading qualities and its commitment to delivering service with a personal touch.


A conduit between companies and the temporary labour market, JH Industrial helps businesses find staff, from production and warehouse operators to CNC, welders, fabricators and myriad roles between.

Central to its provision is a team of talent, compliance and payroll experts, led by Matthew Robertson, associate director: operations and engineering, and Jake Richardson, head of operations and supply chain.

A key part of Jackson Hogg’s trusted network, JH Industrial colleagues ensure clients – many of whom work across STEM-based sectors such as manufacturing, engineering, offshore energy and food production – not only receive the highest standards of service and access to the best candidates, but are plugged into changing market patterns to plan for the longer term.


A personable approach

In a rapidly-evolving technological world, where artificial intelligence and post-pandemic cultural shifts continue to unpick traditional strands of human connection, Jackson Hogg remains dedicated to the personal touch.

With its specialist teams regularly meeting clients face-to-face, the business cultivates deep relationships that fashion comprehensive understanding of employers’ needs against continuously shifting market trends.

This approach allows Jackson Hogg to react to employers’ requirements in real-time, with JH Industrial colleagues, for example, working daily across the marketplace to pool talent in readiness of firms’ expeditious needs around areas such as sickness cover.

Providing a consistent approach for clients, it also introduces organisations to Jackson Hogg’s wider portfolio that includes executive search, recruitment, Talent Partnership and HR support.


A supportive partner

Care, and a devotion to giving back to the communities within which it operates, are fundamental to Jackson Hogg.

And its empathetic approach permeates through JH Industrial, with its expert team meeting candidates in person, tailoring guidance against their ambitions and skillsets, and providing CV writing support and interview techniques to bolster workplace opportunities.

Furthermore, if a candidate is unsuccessful in applying for a role, the team is on hand to provide additional one-to-one supervision to help individuals prepare for their next opening.


An ethical operator

Equally fundamental to JH Industrial’s delivery of care is its Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority licence.

One of only a small number of firms to hold the Government-mandated qualification in the region, it certifies Jackson Hogg as a recognised protector of workers’ rights across the food and packaging industries.

Safeguarding people from risk of exploitation, the licence ensures companies operate legally and ethically, and treat staff equitably and with respect.

And it means any firm enlisting Jackson Hogg’s services does so in the knowledge it is approved to provide the entire food and packaging supply chain with workers who will remain safe and receive fair pay.

Geographical breadth

Complementing headquarters in Wallsend’s Cobalt Business Exchange with a base on Billingham’s Belasis Business Park, Jackson Hogg’s reach spans the entire North East.

And, thanks to such spread, clients from Teesside’s engineering and chemical processing sectors, to Sedgefield’s NETPark technology hub, Wearside’s manufacturing network, Newcastle’s ever-growing life sciences ecosystem and everywhere in between, benefit from a deeply knowledgeable approach that moulds specific responses to their unique recruitment needs.

And nowhere is the impact of such geographical breadth more pertinently emphasised than through JH Industrial.

With Wallsend-based Matthew, Jake and temporary operations and supply chain senior consultant Jaymie Barry augmented by Teesside-based industrial team leader Mathew Johnson and industrial consultant James Dexter, as well as contract and finance co-ordinator Suzanne Lowes, the venture delivers on-the-ground services that are attuned to variable sector and inter-regional demand.

And with the team planned to expand over the coming 12 months, in line with Jackson Hogg’s wider growth strategy, JH Industrial’s scope is primed to extend yet further.


Bolstering your growth plans

With disciplined experts operating across the entire recruitment spectrum, Jackson Hogg is perfectly placed to support your workforce expansion plans.

From sourcing skilled and unskilled temporary labour through JH Industrial to matching firms with directors, non-executives and C-level leaders via its executive search offer, the business understands the employment landscape intricately, with an ever-increasing portfolio of clients taking the next steps on their respective growth journeys thanks to its guidance.

If you believe your business would benefit from its support, contact the company to learn more about a free, no obligation audit of your recruitment processes.