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Resi for take-off

Manage the controls of an entire building in one place? Sounds out of this world… but resicentral® has created just that, and it’s set to be at the centre of the universe for property developers.

Resicentral®, innovators in smart technologies, have launched a bespoke platform for property owners, management teams, and tenants.

Yorkshire born business resicentral®, part of The SDDE Smith Group, has launched a first of its kind smart building platform. A feature rich cloud-based software and products, designed to create safer, smarter buildings, enhance the tenant experience, and drive improved tenant retention across residential and commercial property portfolios.

The resicentral® apps can be tailored for a single specific function, such as video entry, or expanded to control all elements of the building, including, but not limited to, heating controls, air quality monitoring, access control, leak detection and in-room automation. The possibilities are almost endless; customisation for individual residents and specific building management requirements, results in building owners only paying for the functionality they require.

James Baird, managing director, said: “Resicentral® has been designed to help property developers and asset owners boost the IQ of their residential and commercial property portfolios and to further enhance the resident experience supporting tenant retention.”

“Other smart building technologies require users to download and install individual apps to control individual functions, such as music, TV, lighting or access. Resicentral® brings everything together in a single system, controlled by bespoke apps or an in-room tablet, streamlining automation controls and making for a seamless experience.”

Reflecting on the current climate he adds, “You can’t shy away from the energy crisis in the UK at the moment and we are seeing a surge in demand for our ResiAIR™ technology to help create energy efficient buildings that are safer and smarter.”

As the energy crisis continues into Spring, resicentral® is helping property managers to get ahead of the curve by monitoring, managing, and optimising their buildings’ energy usage. The system includes an ESG Portal with real-time granular data of the building’s energy consumptions, allowing asset owners, property managers as well as tenants to make informed decisions about their energy use. Property managers can also benchmark and implement a fair usage policy using other resicentral® technologies, which offer the ability to set thresholds and even provide accurate bills for excess and under usage.

Already enjoying the benefits of resicentral® is the prestigious Live Oasis Manchester St James development, managed by the YPP Group. The installation included lighting and TV controls, blind automation, integrated video entry and access control, room temperature monitoring, air quality sensors and occupancy monitoring installed throughout the 60-apartment scheme, all accessible for residents through the mobile apps and in room tablets.

YPP Group managing director Omar Al-Nujaifi says: “The benefits this product range brings to the Live Oasis in Manchester are unparalleled with any other smart building technologies we have seen. Manchester is a vibrant, creative and innovative city, and our latest development offers apartments for a modern generation of tenants who are not only looking for a stylish abode but something that is technology rich, sustainable and a connected place to live. These products and platform create an enhanced lifestyle that fits our residents’ needs.”

At each stage of a developments lifecycle, resicentral® can be added to existing building infrastructures, current hardware or buildings at any design stage.  Successful partnerships have been forged with Assa Abloy and Comelit; where resicentral® integrates with these applications or with retrofit schemes where these systems have already been deployed.

Dale Smith, chief executive of The SDDE Smith Group, said: “I’m hugely excited to welcome the resicentral® brand, technology, and team to The SDDE Smith Group.”

“We are always looking for best in class solutions for our asset owners and the resicentral® technology will allow us to deliver the very best in property smart controls as well as drive improvements in both sustainability and user experience.”

Dale adds: “What James and his team have developed in the last two years is truly unique in the marketplace and I’m certain that it will become a ‘must have’ for property owners across multiple use classes.”

The SDDE Smith Group has long been a leader in the property industry; their all-encompassing approach with WOODSmith Construction, Host & Stay, Grey-Smith Legal, Manhatten Property and now resicentral® gives potential investors an end-to-end solution for all property matters.

Resicentral® offers its clients an all-encompassing approach to energy efficiency, tenant safety and building management. Looking to work with resicentral™? Or want to know more about streamlining your property with smart technologies?

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